Word of Mouth Marketing
to Drive Sales

A How to-Guide for brands and marketers.

Customers today are savvy.
They often ignore marketing hype and depend on their social network for inspiration and advice.
of consumers TRUST recommendations

In today’s consumer ecosystem, trust is king.
Let's Talk Advocacy Marketing
2.8 Billion
brand-related conversations
happen every day in the U.S.
Word Of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA)
of these conversations
happen offline
Word Of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA)
With more brand and product options than ever before, consumers have lost trust in brand messaging and want to hear directly from current customers and their experiences.
a Nielsen report, 92 percent of consumers believe suggestions from friends and family, more than they believe in traditional advertising.
As the consumer buying experience shifts, so too must marketing strategies and tactics

The people who will talk about your brand are closer than you realize.

Rather than opting into traditional sponsored partnerships, the most forward-thinking brands tap into the people who have real-life experiences with their brand and products: their customers. These brands recognize the real power and influence an authentic customer yields.
74 percent of consumers identify word of mouth as a key influencer in their purchasing decisions.
Your customers are already turning to these people for advice on what to buy.

Empower your customers to talk about your brand.

Conversations between people is as old as commerce. It’s a natural occurrence because it’s a part of basic human psychology. These conversations are known as word of mouth. These conversations don’t transition into word of mouth marketing until you, the marketer, begin working within the conversation so more people are talking about you.


Word-of-mouth has been shown to improve marketing effectiveness by up to 54%.
– MarketShare


Customer acquisitions through referrals spend 200% more than the average customer.


Customers referred by other customers have a 37% higher customer retention rate.


The lifetime value of the referred customer is 25% higher than that of other customers.
– Wharton School of Business

The people who will talk about your brand are closer than you realize.

Invite customers to an exclusive club/program.
Share behind-the-scenes information.
Grant early access to new product launches.

Measure the impact of word of mouth marketing.

Connect with Customers & Communities

Evaluate Content

Measure online activities

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