Equip Your Athletes with Winning Content

Getting the most out of athletes working with your brand can create gridlock.

Wooly helps you communicate and share a playbook with athletes or their managers to share and build your brand as an ambassador.

Marketing makes sense to you, so share that with those that want to build your brand.

See How Your Customers Can Attract Your Next Customers

Assist Those Looking to Help You Win

Use Wooly to communicate with athlete brand ambassadors. Get the most out of your athletes be helping them with content and campaigns.

Build direct relationships with the people who love you most.

Paying influencers for their stamp of approval is shallow. Help potential customers find, and strengthening your customer relationships, by enabling your customers to become ambassadors.

Not an influencer network

Traditional influencer marketing takes a paid, awkward approach to sharing your brand. Wooly constantly enables and encourages your customers to invite more to your tribe.

Enable Your Customers

Your best customers want to become ambassadors and build a relationship with you. Find out what they love about your brand and empower them to share it with others.

Many-to-many marketing

Customer commerce is an entire new marketing channel. Take the guesswork out of paid advertising and attract customers that look like your best customers.

How Are You Growing?

Customer-focused marketing  delivers better marketing efforts and helps you reward your customers. Enjoy a decrease in churn while improving your customer base with Wooly.

Frequently Asked Questions

The idea of selling through your customer base isn't new, you can just now track the whole process.

Q: What is Wooly?
A: Wooly is a software that helps you turn your customers into brand advocates. Easily find, reward, and empower your customers to market for you.
Q: What do I have to do?
A: Wooly creates a platform from your customer database and product offerings. Once you are set up on Wooly, we can help you create campaigns, manage attribution, or create links.
Q: Do my customers want to share my brand?
A: It doesn't hurt to ask. And even if they wanted to talk about you, would they know how? Empower them to share your message and reward them for being awesome and helping your product grow.

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