Equip your athletes to deliver off the field

From proven stars to up-and-comers, Wooly helps you do more with your affiliated athletes, influencers and sports marketing partners.

Athlete Marketing platform

Work With People Who Care About Your Brand

It's that simple. People who care about your brand, regardless of their reach or audience, perform better than those who don't. That's why we created Wooly.


Organize your Sports pros
& athletes

Ditch the spreadsheets and keep up with your athletes.

The Wooly CRM brings your relationships into one place. Filter by sports, relationship owner, and performance details to streamline your program.

Quickly launch campaigns that ignite your brand's marketing and sales with people who daily lap the competition.

Prep your athletes for success

Your athletes want to win! So get them pumped by uniting your brand vision with custom campaigns, personal links, discount codes, and expert resources.

Turn your team of athletes into a brand powerhouse!

track performance automatically

From emerging athletes to elite stars, the Wooly marketing platform automatically tracks the sales, content, and awareness generated by your athletes and partners.

Understand how every athlete and each campaign is performing.

Get real-time insights into fundamental metrics.

  • Participation
  • Social Reach
  • Engagement
  • Activities

Salomon reached 23M people without buying ads

Launching a global sports marketing program to reach new customers with real sports influencers. Salomon uses Wooly to run their sports marketing program with their athletes.
Read Salomon's Story

Frequently Asked Questions

The idea of selling through your customer base isn't new, you can just now track the whole process.

Q: Will Wooly work with my current sports marketing program?
A: Absolutely! You can easily upload your list of athletes into your dedicated Wooly CRM. Or invite them to join, making for a smooth transition from your existing tools or spreadsheets.
Q: What if my athletes are not big “influencers”?
A: At Wooly, we believe everyone is an influencer. Passion and authenticity, not reach, is what drives the best results. Starting with your grassroots, everyday influencers and sporting enthusiasts.
Q: What if I want to work with really big celebrities or athletes?
A: Our clients work with everyone from A-list celebrities and world-class athletes to people without social media accounts. Request a demo to see how it works.
Q: How do I get started?
A: We’re glad you asked. Just tap the “Request a demo” link here or in the top right corner. There’s no time like today.

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