Influencer Marketing,
But Better

Stop paying mercenaries and start building real relationships with influencers who already love your brand.

Influencer CRM Platform

Work With People Who Care
About Your Brand

It's that simple. People who care about your brand, regardless of their reach or audience, perform better than those who don't. That's why we created Wooly.

Build your influencer CRM, not ours

The best influencers are already in your network. They are your customers, industry pros, followers, and fans. Wooly provides the tools to connect with authentic influencers and easily convert them into your brand marketing partners.

When someone joins your program, they're not joining a network where they can be poached by competitors. Your influencers belong to you.

Start inbound influencer marketing

Create applications, share referral links, discount codes, automate reporting, and deliver a seamless experience for your influencers.

Save time and end the hours of searching for and negotiating with strangers. Focus on the people who already use and love you brand.

Tracking social media Is Just the Beginning

Influence is measured by more than likes and reach. Track direct sales attribution, user generated content, and social impact for each influencer.

Automate reporting for each person, campaign, and program so you know what is driving growth.

Ecommerce Loves Influencers

11x higher influencer ROI

80% growing influencer budget

Influencers drive purchases
The return on investment for influencer marketing is 11x better than traditional digital marketing.
Nearly 80% of brands intend to increase their influencer marketing expenditure in 2022.
47% of people state they that have bought a product online after seeing an influencer use it.

How Blendtec Helped Their Customers Become Influencers

Customer-focused marketing  delivers better marketing efforts and helps you reward your customers. Enjoy a decrease in churn while improving your customer base with Wooly.
Read Blendtec's Story

Frequently Asked Questions

The idea of selling through your customer base isn't new, you can just now track the whole process.

Q: Will Wooly work with my current influencer program?
A: Absolutely! You can easily upload your list of influencers or invite them to join, making for a smooth transition from your existing tools or spreadsheets.
Q: What if my customers are not “influencers”?
A: At Wooly, we believe everyone is an influencer. Passion and authenticity, not reach, is what drives the best results. Starting with your grassroots, everyday influencers.
Q: What if I want to work with really big celebrities or athletes?
A: Our clients work with everyone from A-list celebrities and world-class athletes to people without social media accounts. Request a demo to see how it works.
Q: How do I get started?
A: We’re glad you asked. Just tap the “Request a demo” link here or in the top right corner. There’s no time like today.

Ready to Find Real Influencers?

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