Manage Your Community of Empowered Customers

Working with your best customers not only helps you build a better brand, but introduces a new marketing channel.

Wooly helps you easily identify, market, and track growth with your best customers. Stop wasting time guessing how to talk to your target audience.

Wooly makes it easy for you to communicate with your ambassadors and build an ongoing relationship.

See How Your Customers Can Attract Your Next Customers

Invest in Your Customers, Not Strangers

Instead of spending your marketing budget large-reach paid advertising, spend time with your best customers.

Build direct relationships with the people who love you most.

Paying influencers for their stamp of approval is increasingly more shallow. Help potential customers find you by engaging with real customer voices.

Work with Your Community

Wooly helps you track every social mention of your brand by your customers. Know how they talk about your brand and how others are receiving their messaging.

Activate Your Customers

Having an army of empowered customers helps you launch new marketing campaigns, run contests, and speak to the masses without dropping a dime on paid advertising.

A New Marketing Channel

Customer commerce is an entire new marketing channel. Take the guesswork out of paid advertising and attract customers that look like your best customers.

How Are You Growing?

Customer-focused marketing  delivers better marketing efforts and helps you reward your customers. Enjoy a decrease in churn while improving your customer base with Wooly.

Frequently Asked Questions

The idea of selling through your customer base isn't new, you can just now track the whole process.

Q: What is Wooly?
A: Wooly is a software that helps you turn your customers into brand advocates. Easily find, reward, and empower your customers to market for you. Oh, and Wooly tracks new revenue brought in for you.
Q: What do I have to do?
A: Wooly creates a platform from your customer database and product offerings. Once you are set up on Wooly, we can help you create campaigns, manage attribution, or create custom links.
Q: Do my customers want to share my brand?
A: It doesn't hurt to ask. And even if they wanted to talk about you, would they know how? Empower them to share your message and reward them for being awesome and helping your product grow. You would be surprised by the passion of loyal customers.

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