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Amplify each brand ambassador's influence to drive sales, generate content, and expand awareness with Wooly's complete ambassador marketing platform.

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Work With People Who Care About Your Brand

It's quite simple. People who care about your brand, regardless of their reach or audience, produce better results and ROI than those who don't. That's why we created Wooly brand ambassador software.

Find and recruit a powerful ambassador marketing team with Wooly software
Find the ambassadors within your own network.

Find & recruit A Powerful
ambassador Team

Your potential ambassadors are everywhere. Wooly helps you connect with these people through application forms, social listening, and ecommerce integrations.

Equip your ambassadors for success

Ambassadors want to engage. Automatically share inspiration, direction, discount links, discount codes, and resources through Wooly to turn influential fans into authentic ambassadors for your brand.

Ambassadors love the personalized mobile app that keeps them informed and active.

-> Quick access to campaigns, referrals, and rewards
-> Get personal discount codes and referral links for sharing
-> Always know the current brand campaigns and activities
-> Dynamic tracking of milestone achievements and rewards
Equip ambassadors for success with their own customizable brand ambassador portal
Wooly gives customers all the tools they need to have their own branded ambassador portal on smartphones

Wooly is an all-in-one ambassador platform

All-in-one Ambassador platform

Run your ambassador marketing program with a complete solution. Unlike affiliate tools, Wooly tracks social awareness, campaign engagement, and user-generated content to simplify your responsibilities. No more spreadsheets!

Even pay advocates without any extra fees on the ambassadors marketing app.

Referral Rewards & Payments

Launch A Brand
Ambassador Program

Find out how to boost awareness, media value, and sales in a believable way. Quickly discover how to start ambassador marketing while avoiding common pitfalls and roadblocks. 

The Brand Ambassador Playbook has it all!  

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Frequently Asked Questions

The idea of selling through your customer base isn't new, you can just now track the whole process.

Q: What is a brand ambassador marketing?
A: Ambassador marketing leverages the loyalty of existing customers and fans to scale word-of-mouth, create user content, bolster credibility, and generate genuine buzz  Ambassadors typically use digital channels, particularly social media, to promote company products and services.
Q: How do brand ambassadors get paid?
A: Brand ambassadors receive many perks and benefits, including free products, discounted merch, gift cards, referral rewards, and occasionally paid positions in exchange for endorsements. Also, ambassadors frequently enjoy events, contests, freebies, early access to product releases, and product development opportunities.
Q: Will Wooly work with my current brand ambassador program?
A: Absolutely! You can easily upload your list of influencers or invite them to join, making for a smooth transition from your existing tools or spreadsheets.
Q: What if my customers are not “ambassadors”?
A: At Wooly, we believe everyone is an ambassador. Passion and authenticity, not reach, is what drives the best results. Starting with your grassroots, everyday influencers.
Q: What if I want to work with really big celebrities or athletes?
A: Our clients work with everyone from A-list celebrities and world-class athletes to people without social media accounts. Request a demo to see how it works.
Q: How do I get started?
A: We’re glad you asked. Just tap the “Request a demo” link below or in the top right corner. There’s no time like today.

Blendtec sales more than 10% of all their ecommerce revenue with their ambassador programs run by Wooly
"Wooly has been insane for us! We've sold more than 10% of our direct-to-consumer sales through Wooly."
Read Blendtec's Story

Turn Your Customers Into Brand Ambassadors

Customer-focused marketing delivers better marketing efforts and helps you reward your customers. As you support your fans and customers, they support you. It's that simple.

-> Decrease customer churn
-> Grow your customer base
-> Boost your marketing reach
-> Expand your brand awareness

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