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Wooly Rethinks Managing Social Media Influencers

latest startup, Wooly, is trying to change that. . Paul is no stranger to social media and influence. His previous company, Instafluence, was acquired by Maker Studios, a Walt Disney company. Maker Studios is currently known as Disney Digital Network. Where

Why Wooly?

on the leading edge of social media, and has more influential customers than most brands in the world. In a nutshell, Wooly will makes it easy for you to find your most trusted customers, build real relationships with them, and empower them to talk about

Are your fans talking about you this holiday season?

every one of your ambassadors has the power to make unique codes to give to their friends and family? Even if you aren't a Shopify client, we still have a great way you can track attribution! Contact us for more information! 4. Donate a percent of sales

Bigfoot is a marketing mastermind

fandom. Do things that don’t scale. Make yourself available to your customers. Give your 2% insider-access. Stop selling. Start communicating. Let the believers convert the non-believers. Since the beginning of this urban legend, Bigfoot has never managed an

Introducing sales attribution

unbelievable potential – and it's never been so readily available as it is now, thanks to sales attribution within the Wooly platform. Layering sales attribution on top of the worlds most powerful customer commerce platform only makes it easier for brands to

Sports Marketing

Marketing makes sense to you, so share that with those that want to build your brand. See How Your Customers Can Attract Your Next Customers. Assist Those Looking to Help You Win. Use Wooly to communicate with athlete brand ambassadors. Get the most out of your

How to build a word of mouth marketing program

to 20 percent for established products and up to 100 percent for new products. Listen to our webinar. Listen in as Wooly CMO, Nick Stagge shares why WOMM is important, what makes an effective program, and how brands like Salomon, Lululemon, Patagonia, and

Community Management | Wooly Brand Advoacy Platform

guessing how to talk to your target audience. Wooly makes it easy for you to communicate with your ambassadors and build an ongoing relationship. See How Your Customers Can Attract Your Next Customers. Invest in Your Customers, Not Strangers. Instead of

We just launched a podcast

with some really incredible guests from (REDACTED), and (REDACTED), (REDACTED), and more. Know anyone that should be a guest on in season 1? Hit us up and we'll be sure to make it happen. #KnowYourHerd. Grow with people who love you. Request a demo today

Ambassador Marketing

your brand. All-in-one sales. AND. social advocacy platform. Run your ambassador program from one platform. Unlike affiliate tools, Wooly also tracks social awareness, campaign engagement, and user generated content to make your life easier. Grow with