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How to Run Successful Brand Advocacy Campaigns

If you want to scale your brand, you must learn how to run successful brand advocacy campaigns. Everyone knows that brand advocacy is one of the best ways to market your brand. But then, not many people know how to run a successful campaign. As you read on, we will show you the tips and tricks for running a successful brand advocacy program.

The first step to running a successful brand advocacy program is to use the best marketing platform. Then, you must also identify and engage the right advocates. Empower your advocates to promote your brand and track the performance of your program. Review performance metrics from your platform and formulate new goals and better strategies.

If you do these things, your brand advocacy campaigns should succeed. But remember that advocacy marketing is a life-long strategy. You must keep your advocates engaged and continue tracking performance metrics.

In the sections that follow, we will explain the different tips for running a successful brand advocacy campaign.
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Chapter 1
Andrew Simpson

Get the Best Marketing Platform

Chapter 2

Identify Your Advocates and Engage Them

Chapter 3

Measure and Fine-Tune Your Advocacy Campaigns

Chapter 4
Bella Ridley

Affiliate Programs VS Ambassador Programs

Chapter 1

Get the Best Marketing Platform

An efficient marketing platform is vital to the success of your brand advocate campaigns. As such, you must get the best advocacy marketing platform to manage and measure your brand advocacy efforts. But how would you know the best marketing platform?

Here are a few indices to check:

> A platform that gives you all the stats and marketing data you need

> The platform can track, monitor, and record online engagements, including posts, views, likes, shares, etc. It must be able to track and collate accurate marketing data.

> The platform presents performance metrics in a format that you can easily understand. Its reporting tool presents clear data from different touchpoints.

> A user-friendly platform that’s easy to navigate

The Wooly platform is the perfect marketing platform for successful brand advocacy campaigns. Wooly will help you maximize social media as an advocacy tool. It will show you the impact of your advocates’ efforts on your brand across diverse social media platforms. It will give you reports that can help you formulate an effective brand advocacy strategy.

Chapter 2

Identify Your Advocates and Engage Them

There are four (4) groups of brand advocates you can engage in your marketing campaign. They are as follows:

Who knows the most about the products and services that your brand offers? The answer is obvious – your employees. As such, you can engage your employees as brand advocates.

You can create advocacy programs to scale your business. But that is not enough to run it successfully. You should encourage your employees to come on board these programs to increase the scope of your reach.

Business partners
Strong affiliate programs and partnerships can also increase the reach of your brand. Business partners can help increase your brand awareness and customer base. So you can also engage them in your brand advocate campaign

You can also leverage the social network of influencers and celebrities to reach a wider audience on social media. These people usually have lots of online followers. You can engage them to promote your brand to their fans and followers online. This can generate leads for your brand, as well as increase visibility, and help drive sales.

These are the most powerful advocates you can engage because your reach can be limitless through them. Each customer can reach at least 400 other potential customers for your brand if you engage them in your advocacy program.

But then, brands usually have a hard time connecting with customer advocates. However, Wooly can help connect your brand with those already promoting your brand online. These are loyal customers who love your brand and are naturally recommending it to their social network.

Chapter 3

Measure and Fine-Tune Your Advocacy Campaigns

It is not enough to implement an advocacy campaign. You must also keep track of the results from time to time. When you see the results, you can review your goals and update your strategies to get better outcomes. Wooly makes it very easy to measure advocacy campaigns.

Wooly will show you how successful your advocacy program is. You will see the performance metrics for yourself and justify the budget you are spending. This will help you make informed decisions on the strategy and goals for your brand advocacy program.
  1. As an affiliate, you earn your commission depending on the sale.
  2. When a sale is completed, you will be given a cash commission that often continues to pay out for all follow-up purchases for the next 60-to-90 days.
  3. However, a brand ambassador marketing program is often much more sustainable, keeping continuity to boost up business branding because the ambassador believes in the brand’s mission.
Chapter 4

Affiliate Programs VS Ambassador Programs

Improve your perceptions about affiliate programs vs. ambassador programs before committing to either form of online marketing. Affiliate programs are launched on the internet. Here, affiliates post ads and content for the advertisers on their sites for product promotion. An affiliate is not bound to work for a single employer. He has a reliable network to communicate with the world of digital marketers and companies. Ambassador programs are generally not commission-based.

An ambassador seeks to boost a brand’s awareness and image through creating hand-crafted reviews and social media posts that aim to introduce the product to new customers. He has used the brand, and then he decides to join the ambassador program. Buyers are also turned into brand ambassadors when they have a good experience with the brand and seek to promote it to their close friends and family as well.

Are Brand Ambassadors Really Just Affiliate Marketers?

Many new online marketings get confused between affiliate marketers and brand ambassadors. After getting an initial dose of online marketing education, many young marketers ask, “are brand ambassadors really just affiliate marketers?” Here, brand ambassadors have the significant role of convincing their close network about the true value and benefits for their brands. Their influence can often help to transform the brand image and bottom line for the brands they endorse and promote.

Endorsing a brand as an ambassador certainly does not make you rich over night, but it does come with a number of strong benefits because brands value the added promotion and compensate their ambassadors with many enticing perks. Similarly, an affiliate cannot expectsmooth returns without converting customers into buyers and that takes time. Brand ambassador and affiliate marketing programs are two very different platforms that can help brands grow and scale on the internet.

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