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What is Ambassador Marketing?

Ambassador marketing is a powerful method for driving sales through active customer engagement. It’s a branch of advocate marketing that rewards your loyal customer base for becoming an ambassador and promoting your products or services.
Let's Talk Ambassador Marketing
Chapter 1
Andrew Simpson

The Ambassador Marketing Methodolgy

Chapter 2

The Ideal Candidate for Ambassador Marketing

Chapter 3

What Is Ambassador Marketing?

Chapter 4
Bella Ridley

Powerful Ambassador Marketing Strategies

Chapter 1

The Ambassador Marketing Methodology

An empowered customer represents your brand in thriving social communities in exchange for a rewards program. Although social media makes a significant chunk of your marketing campaign, brand ambassador marketing penetrates the market on a much more personal level.

How Brand Ambassadors Connect with Your Target Audience

As you encourage one-on-one engagement between ambassadors and the target audience, your brand grows by leaps and bounds. Several major players have dedicated apps for this, but you can do it with a third-party app too.

With an advanced third-party app, you have the tools to measure the ROI on ambassador engagement. It also provides you with valuable feedback directly from your loyal customers. This allows you to work on tuning up your brand experience to involve more ambassadors.

Ambassador Marketing is Highly Effective

Studies find that building relationships with brand ambassadors and using those ties to advocate for your brand is the most successful type of influencer marketing.

In online research of 1,753 influencers and 102 marketing professionals performed by Tapinfluence and Altmeter, data was gathered about how ambassador marketing performs versus other types of marketing.

Ambassador marketing is by far the most effective type of influencer marketing brands can do. Long-term partnerships with ambassadors work 7X better than affiliate links and 50% better than brand-produced content.

Ambassador marketing is the most effective type of influencer marketing strategy
Chapter 2

The Ideal Candidate for Ambassador Marketing

Are you considering the pros and cons of how to run an ambassador marketing program?

The easiest way to get going is to engage with your loyal customers through the Wooly ambassador app and let them know about attractive rewards they can earn through endorsing and promoting your brand.

To turn a customer into an ambassador, you must allow them to bask in the benefits of your product. With a good ambassador marketing app keeping track of this engagement, you benefit from social media’s measurable word-of-mouth promotions. 

The foundation of any strong ambassador marketing strategy is creating passionate brand advocates.

Think about your consumers first when choosing which people to represent and promote your brand. Instead of picking just one recruitment strategy, employ several methods. When you use several tactics, you have a wider range of applications.

Discover how to help your customers become brand ambassadors. 

While each brand may be different, there are a common ambassador efforts across campaigns.

Chapter 3

What Is Ambassador Marketing?

Companies use brand ambassador marketing to promote their products and services through the use of a reputable individual, such as a devoted customer or "superfan." When advocating for a brand, ambassadors will generally publish content they produce on social media and online reviews.

Most brands find and recruit ambassadors from their customer base. We suggesting looking for ambassadors who have the following attributes:

  1. Strong Personal Networks
    The brand ambassador maintains a good network of friends and followers on social networks.

  2. Driven by Brand Identity
    Ambassadors are driven by the identity that your branding offers. They want to be an active part of your success story. This is a major plus for your brand as it often eliminates costly payments for PPC marketing and other sources of running ads.

  3. How to Incentivize Your Brand Ambassadors with Rewards
    You reward your ambassador with discounts, freebies, or befitting compensation. You develop a strong relationship with an expanding customer base that is more than happy to promote you naturally. 
7 tips of recruiting people to do ambassador marketing

Chapter 4

Powerful Ambassador Marketing Strategies

Strong brand ambassador marketing strategies are those that value your customers as the driving force behind your campaigns. They are based on measurable metrics across all the parameters of ambassador engagement.

Wooly Brand Ambassador App

With the Wooly brand ambassador app, you can see word-of-mouth promotion in action. You design an ambassador marketing strategy that’s flexible and result oriented.

It’s also data-based and scalable. It encourages your social influencers to take action, increasing your fan base.

Important Ambassador Metrics

With the app, you have a visual of your growth across many different metrics including ambassador engagement, campaign reach, user-generated content, and many more crucial and actionable metrics.

All of this occurs free of charge, without requiring any sponsored advertisements.

The inherently organic nature of an ambassador marketing strategy makes it more profitable than conventional affiliate programs. (See the chart above.)

Plus, ambassador marketing turns customers into brand lovers and brand lovers into ambassadors. 

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