Wooly Product Updates and Enhancements

Here is the latest and greatest updates on the Wooly Platform.

September 2021

Zapier Integration

Zapier helps you construct highly efficient, rock-solid automated workflows by integrating Wooly with your existing marketing and ecommerce ecosystem. With Zapier, you can sync more than 3,000 web apps and software platforms, even if Wooly doesn’t have an existing integration. The numerous possibilities are sure to save time and keep your team humming.

Connect your Wooly account to Zapier >>
Some popular Zaps that Wooly customers automate.

* Slack notifications when new applicants are ready for approval.
* Shopify tags to offer custom shopping experiences.
* Syncing contact lists with email automation platforms such as Klaviyo.

We plan to add many more Zaps. So if you’re looking for a specific integration, please let us know.

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TikToks, Instagram Reels & Facebook Stories

Tap into the creativity and virality of TikToks and Reels by including them in your campaign activities. Wooly now supports links to TikToks, Instagram Reels, and Facebook Stories content.

As with Instagram Stories, advocates upload a screenshot of their Facebook Story. TikTok and Instagram don't yet provide APIs for TikToks and Reels, but in the meantime, participants can add links to the content they created.

Bulk Download Campaign Images

Quickly download all the user-uploaded content from your campaigns. Previously you were limited to downloading a single image at a time. Now you can select and download multiple images at once. The downloaded files are the originals from the advocate.

UGC is considered the most dependable, honest, and genuine type of content.

Now it's super easy to download any of your UGC and repurpose it in your marketing and ecommerce projects.

Learn all about user-generated content >>

Search Contacts By Discount Rules & Codes

Expedite support requests involving discount codes by quickly searching for the contact who has been assigned to a specific code.

Additionally, monitor the health of your programs by finding contacts who haven't yet customized their shareable discount codes.

Tag Program Members in Shopify

Shopify tags are the newest feature for Wooly and Shopify users. The integration streamlines your ambassador and ecommerce workflow. Plus, automating Shopify tags unlocks a bundle of possibilities.

Additionally, monitor the health of your programs by finding contacts who haven't yet customized their shareable discount codes.

Learn how to tag program members in Shopify >>

Wooly automatically creates tags for each program. The tag tells third-party apps like Shopify and Klaviyo if a customer belongs to an advocate program.

And here's where it gets exciting. When a Shopify customer is also one of your tagged advocates, then they can enjoy:

  • A personalized shopping experience
  • Exclusive products, pricing, and shipping options
  • Pre-set discounts for each program
  • Automated discounts without entering a code
  • Free shipping on every order
  • Unique items for different programs
  • And more!

Find out how to customize your ecommerce store with Shopify Tags >>

See Sales & Referrals in Your Currency

Your Wooly brand portal now displays all monetary amounts in your brand's default currency.

Orders received in different countries automatically convert to the correct currency. This means financial reporting and payments are seamless, accurate, and consistent.

Contact Wooly's customer support team if you would like to change your currency setting.

Automated Refunds & Cancellations for Shopify

Previously, canceled or refunded orders were not sent from Shopify to Wooly, requiring manual work on your part to not reward or report on these orders.

Now Wooly captures ALL refunds and cancellations from Shopify.

  • Data and dashboards are up to date!
  • Sales attribution and commissions are automated.
  • No manual reconciliation.
  • You save time!

August 2021

Automatic Email Notifications

Stay on top of your programs by turning on Wooly email notifications.

Receive email alerts daily, weekly, or monthly when:

  • A new program application was submitted
  • Pending referral rewards and payments
  • New campaign incentives need fulfillment

Learn more about email updates on your brand ambassador progress and activities by clicking here.

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Get the Full Picture

Marketers love tracking their customer's journeys, so Wooly created Contact Timelines to give you the same insights for ambassadors.

Find contact history and add notes by clicking the Timeline tab.

  • Application date
  • Programs
  • Campaign invitations
  • Participation in campaigns
  • Campaign invitations
  • Referrals
  • Purchases
  • Incentives and rewards
  • Payments
  • Notes to augment history

User Access

Now you can limit team member visibility of contacts and programs by program, country, or both.

Setting access rights is extremely useful and prevents contacts from accidentally being added to a campaign, and protects high-profile personal information.

Importing Contacts

When importing contact lists via CSV, you have two more options.

  1. Automatically add contacts to designated programs.
  2. Import and add TikTok handles to contacts.

July 2021

Automated Incentives -- Now Available on Wooly

Manually fulfilling campaign incentives is time-consuming, especially for those overseeing multiple programs.

Wooly just automated campaign discount codes, so sending rewards to influencers, ambassadors, pros, athletes, and customers is easier than ever.

  • Minimize campaign busywork
  • Streamline product seeding
  • Show instant appreciation
  • Flexible timing of incentives
  • See outstanding incentives

Learn more about Automatic Incentives >>

June 2021

Introducing Referral Rewards

Wooly now has Referral Rewards and commissions built right into the platform!

The Wooly suite is excellent for activating, optimizing and scaling advocacy programs with people who love your brand. But, in the past, you've had to use other tools to send payments and rewards. Not anymore!

Measure and understand all your social campaign AND referral data in one place. No need to mix various spreadsheets, management and payment software.

  • Create affiliate-style referral payments
  • Reward your top referring advocates with commission on sales
  • Quickly review and approve advocate payments
  • Send PayPal payments within the Wooly Platform
  • Send Venmo payments via the Wooly Platform

Learn all about Referral Rewards >>

Customizable Rewards

It's easy to send advocates monetary payments, discounts, and merchandise. Also, fulfill payments for one-time projects such as content, referrals and campaigns.

Track activities and results at three different levels:
1. Program
2. Campaign
3. Advocate

Referral Rewards are available to every Wooly user. Before you start compensating your ambassadors and influencers, configure your rewards and integrate a PayPal account.

Follow the steps in the Referral Rewards guide link below. Contact your CSM if you need help or have any questions.

Getting started with Referral Rewards >>

Referral Rewards Are a Standard Wooly Feature

All plans automatically include Referral Rewards. Wooly does not charge any additional fees or transaction charges for sending payments from the platform!

Getting started with Referral Rewards >>

April 2021

Supercharge Referral Marketing with Pre-Generated Codes

Manual discount rules aren’t so manual anymore! Load them up with pre-generated codes from your store and get all the benefits of Shopify-linked discount rules. While Manual Discount Rules allow many brands to assign custom codes, this can be time-consuming and cause delays for advocates.

We're excited to announce several enhancements to help simplify managing your advocacy programs.  

  • Add pre-generated codes to discount rules
  • Leverage manual discount codes in Programs
  • Tap into the power of Buy X, Get Y codes
  • Loads of improvements from your feedback - thank you!

Add Pre-Generated Codes to Discount Rules

We are excited to announce that now you can add pre-generated codes to a manual discount rule.

Plus, Wooly can automatically assign codes to advocates, just like with Shopify-linked discount rules. Wooly will then automatically assign codes to advocates, just like with Shopify-linked discount rules. This is a huge time saver for brands running stores on platforms other than Shopify because you can pre-generate discount codes and import them into Wooly for automatic distribution via campaigns, programs, etc.

The new feature also includes the ability to get notifications when your pre-generated codes drop below a designated threshold so you can replenish the list of codes before they run out.

How to set up manual discount codes >>