Wooly's marketing herd is growing. Here's how.

October 20, 2020

Start-up life is hard. But if you can answer yes to these questions, start-up life can be the most satisfying experience in your career (win or lose).

Start-up life is hard. Edge of your seat, anxiety riddled, nail bitting, hard. There's no shortage of problems to solve, ideas to share, products to build, assets to create, and deals to close. Instead, there's limited budget, bandwidth, and historical proof that what you're actually building is going to solve real problems for real people.

If you're contemplating start-up life, ask yourself the following:

  1. Do you BELIEVE in the product you're building?
  2. Do you TRUST the team you're working with?
  3. Are you willing to SACRIFICE for the good of the company?
  4. Are you willing to EXTEND yourself further than ever before?
  5. If you FAIL, can you be HAPPY with the risk you took?

Start-up life is hard. But if you can answer yes to these questions, start-up life can be the most satisfying experience in your career (win or lose).

I know it has been for me (thanks Wooly).

Big thanks to Scott Paul, James Davis, and Blaine Farr for trusting me to help them build something spectacular at Wooly Inc. The Wooly team is a collection of talented, driven, fun people – all of whom have come together to reshape the future of marketing and commerce. So far, so good!

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Getting started

I joined Wooly in July 2019, and was tasked with building the marketing team from the ground up. In a recent podcast I sat down with Shannon Maverick, from MarketScale, to talk about how we approach marketing and the future of our team. Here's a few points we discussed:

  1. Despite joining Wooly as the sole marketer, we recognize that marketing is a team sport. Our first marketing initiatives were focused on creating consistency in our voice, message, and approach to the market. Regardless of department or position, everyone within the Wooly herd, recognizes their role as a marketer. It's been a great experience seeing members of every team join forces to serve as marketers.
  2. Fast and free! In the start-up world, time and resources are scarce, so we prioritize testing messaging on our personal & corporate social accounts, our website (including the blog), speaking at events, and conversations with clients. Don't underestimate the power of earned & owned media and real-time feedback from clients.
  3. While most companies are honing in on acquiring new customers through new channels, we spend significant time and energy working on strengthening our existing relationships with current clients. We value these partnerships and strive to deliver incremental value in return. In exchange, those clients often retain at a higher rate, spend more, and refer meaningful business our way. Referrals are a substantial component of our growth strategy (and success).

Building the Wooly marketing team

As we prepare to head into 2020, we are looking to add marketing muscle to our incredible team. If you're interested in joining a fast-paced, tech company, focused on changing the way brands and consumers drive commerce, apply now. We’re always looking for high character, action oriented, top caliber individuals to help us build innovative products, better serve our clients, and grow our herd.

And yes, we like to play hard too...

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