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What Is A Brand Ambassador?

July 19, 2021
Stacy Wells

The answer to the question: what is a brand ambassador lies at the heart of many successful companies and marketing agencies throughout the world. This article discusses the brand ambassador definition, the different types of brand ambassadors, and even presents some first-hand knowledge from Wooly's brand ambassador specialists.

Sometimes it is good to stop and go back to the basics. SaaS companies can get so deep in the minutia of features and capabilities that they don't make the fundamentals clear. 

So, today we want to cover what a brand ambassador is because the role is at the foundation of numerous flourishing brands, marketing campaigns, and sales departments.

We'll examine what a brand ambassador is, the categories of brand ambassadors, and receive some clarification from the brand ambassador experts at Wooly.

What Is a Brand Ambassador? 

A brand ambassador is a person who represents a company in a positive light. Generally, these individuals actively express their authentic, good feelings about a business to create buzz about products and services. 

The excitement brand ambassadors create is most often shared on social media but also conveyed in person. Ambassadors produce and publish material known in the industry as user-generated content or UGC. 

If a company needs ambassadors for in-person promotion, they usually look for friendly, approachable, and outgoing individuals. For that matter, all ambassadors need to be social people. It's tough for a recluse to represent a brand if they don't associate with anyone else.

So a prerequisite of a brand ambassador is that they have a social network. Brand ambassador followings don't necessarily need to be huge or significant; they just need to exist.

In a variety of compelling ways, ambassadors generate interest and conversation. They help to spread the word about the companies and the products that they enjoy and use. Friends, family, and fans are well aware that it is genuine and honest. This type of word-of-mouth is far more effective than advertisements from companies.

Who Are Brand Ambassadors?

Customers, superfans, and supporters commonly serve as brand ambassadors for a company.

The role of influence is shifting. For some brands, an ambassador or micro-influencer with a few hundred followers is more effective than a typical influencer who gets paid to post a photo. 

The prevailing trend is to provide opportunities for participation for every one of your brand's supporters, from celebrities and mega influencers to customers and micro ambassadors.

Consider all of the options and levels of influence available to you. When putting together your ambassador program, it is essential to consider the sort of impact that will be most beneficial to you.

Brand ambassadors contribute to increased brand awareness and sales. In terms of appearance, conduct, beliefs, and ethical standards, a brand ambassador is supposed to reflect the company's image in a positive and professional manner.

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Types of Brand Ambassadors

When putting together an ambassador program, you should take some time and analyze the kind of impact that would be most beneficial for your organization.

Marketing today is a combination of many tactics, both organic and paid. Think about involving your super-users and consumers to become influencers and brand advocates. When doing this, brands accelerate word-of-mouth marketing and referral sales through all levels of influence.

At Wooly, we use the term "brand ambassador" to encompass pros, influencers, content creators, partners, employees, athletes, customers, and fans.


A professional is the public face of the brand that is an online and offline industry leader.


An influencer is a one-time posting or placement of a brand alliance.


An ambassador is typically a longer-term partnership based on key performance indicators. 


People who are content creators include photographers, videographers, and bloggers. One such ambassador is the professional photographer and avid adventurer @levyclimbing, which also provided the UGC for the feature image of this article.


Partners are a social extension of natural alliances, which includes associations with media, retail, affiliate marketing, and brand marketing, amongst other areas of activity.


Employee ambassadors are internal advocates, friend and family programs, and other initiatives.


Person recognized as an athletic authority such as coaches, trainers, physicians, educators, and shop owners


This type of ambassadorship is open to all customers and those who enjoy a particular brand.

Experts Explain What a Brand Ambassador Is

We asked a few members of the Wooly ambassador team to weigh in on the definition of a brand ambassador. According to the authorities, the following is a further explanation of the brand ambassador definition.


"A brand ambassador is a person who is passionate about a brand, and enjoys sharing their love for the brand with their friends and family."


"Brand ambassadors have a special and unique relationship with a brand, setting them apart from the brand’s other customers. Anybody can be passionate about a brand, but ambassadors eagerly engage on a deeper, more meaningful level, often at their own time and expense. Ambassadors regularly leverage their social presence, their local presence (e.g. at races and in-person events), and their brand passion in ways that significantly support the brand’s vision, embody the brand’s core values, and boost word of mouth sales."


"My definition of a brand ambassador is someone that enjoys representing and sharing the word about their favorite brands and has a mutually beneficial relationship with the given brand."


"Many of us have felt that feeling we get when we're proud to own a great product produced by one of our favorite brands.  Or received great service or tasted something amazing.  When we tell people about those experiences, we are a brand ambassador.  Whether we know it or not."


"What is a brand ambassador? In short, it's someone who loves your brand and wouldn't hesitate to share it to anyone! An ambassador truly believes in your product and uses them often. They are also an extension of your brand mission and encompass many characteristics of your brand."


In the world of business, a brand ambassador is someone who positively represents an organization. In most cases, these individuals proactively communicate their honest, positive emotions about a company to generate interest in its products and services.

Ambassadors will generate content, increase brand recognition, and ultimately increased sales because they are passionate about a brand.

Feature image courtesy of @cotopaxi and @levyclimbing.

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