User Generated Content

The Perks of User Generated Content

Imagine your brand having a constant flow of fresh new content...Imagine increasing your reach, web traffic, brand awareness, social metrics. Here's how...

You all like to save money, right? Who doesn’t? Well, I’m about to not only help you save some money, but also help you grow your brand awareness. Please repeat after me and engrave these three letters into your brain, or at least your marketing strategy: UGC.

UGC, user generated content, is a game changer. Imagine your brand having a constant flow of fresh new content to utilize on your social platforms. Sign me up! Imagine increasing your reach, web traffic, brand awareness, social metrics. Sign me up twice! All of these benefits come from user’s creating content involving your brand.

The next question is, how do you get your users creating content for your brand? Here are a few ideas:

  • Hold a Photo Contest: At one point, Dominos pizza did this. They had a campaign called “#ShowMeTheDominos” where they encouraged their fans to post drool worthy photos of their pizza. Winner won $500 to Domino’s! That is a lot of pizza...
  • Hold a Giveaway: Giveaway product, gift cards, cash, a trip, etc. How does this benefit you? The entry requirements guide them to following your account, liking your photo, tagging friends or family, etc. This gets your engagement up, follower count increasing, and it’s potentially benefiting both you and your users!
  • Invite Customers to Post: Inviting your customers to post is a no brainer. You would be surprised at how many customers are excited to be invited by a brand to share their story and images to social networks. Are you not sure who your customers are and what type of influence they have? I know how to solve this problem for you: Wooly!

The point of UGC is to, First, outsource your content creation to those who love and interact with your brand. Second, to build and strengthen your brand and customer relationships. Third, better understand your audience. Take advantage of the uniqueness that your fans bring to the table! Like you hear all of the time, most of us tend to trust our peers more than we trust a brand.

If you take anything away from this article, it should be this: your main goal should be to develop an online community where your fans can look at your product, invision something unique, bring that unique vision to life, and share it with your brand and all of your other fans!

Now let’s hear it for UGC!

*above photo by Rachel Green Photo*

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