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October 20, 2020

The reality is, your customers are deeply affected by internal misalignment. Here's how you can creating alignment between the marketing, sales, and product teams.

For the past few years, I've written and presented on a variety of marketing topics for the AAF. Last week I was invited to speak at an American Advertising Federation (AAF) event in Evansville, Indiana.

My experiences with the AAF national and local chapters have been inspiring. The leadership team represents well-rounded, seasoned professionals who all share a deep passion for marketing, career development, and community. The students and members are engaged, thoughtful, and truly committed to mastering their craft.

The AAF team asked me to share my thoughts on the importance of creating alignment between the marketing, sales, and product teams. The reality is, your customers are deeply affected by internal misalignment.

When internal teams are misaligned, the customer experience is fractured. We discussed various examples where a poor customer experience negatively impacted customer acquisition, retention, cart size, loyalty, and of course – revenue.

These fractured experiences stem from a variety of reasons including:

1. Incentives drive behaviors. Often times, opposing behaviors are caused by conflicting goals.

2. An emphasis of individual and department metrics over company objectives and goals.

3. Different departments consider different people, needs, and requirements.

In todays era of consumer centricity, marketers must take the lead in improving internal alignment and creating an experience worthy of consumers growing expectations. To help make this happen, marketers should focus on the following steps:

1. Establish a shared purpose and mission.

2. Spend more time with your customers.

3. Put your customers at the center of every decision.

4. Exercise empathy; listen to your co-workers to understand.

5. Don't get too attached to your own ideas & goals.

While creating alignment is time consuming, and a never-ending initiative, when teams come together, the customer experience is enhanced and results improve.

At Wooly, we strive to to create the ultimate customer experience. We have instituted practices to establish transparent communication, team work, and a culture driven by our customers. We recognize this commitment to our customers must become culture and is something that is never complete. We hope, through our intentions and our actions our clients feel our dedication to their success.  

To the Evansville AAF team: thank you for the invitation and putting on a great event.

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