Share the Love. Send Referral Rewards with PayPal and Venmo

June 11, 2021
Jeff Poulton

Wooly is ideal for running advocacy programs that spread genuine word-of-mouth marketing with actual influencers that adore your brand. But when it comes to rewarding the individuals who make it all happen, well, it hasn't been so easy. Brands need to utilize other tools and software to pay their brand ambassadors, influencers, pros, affiliates, customers, and advocates.

Say goodbye to that hassle! Now referral rewards and payments can be managed, calculated, and PAID all within Wooly! 

Reward Referrals 

The updates get even sweeter. Wooly does not charge any additional fees or transaction charges for sending payments from the platform!

Most affiliate and referral providers charge subscription fees plus a cut of all transactions. These fees add up quickly, diluting your marketing budget and overall ROI. Luckily, this is not the case with Wooly! 

Recognize Advocates for Customer Acquisition

Incentivize the behavior that has the most significant impact on your bottom line: sales! 

Also, referral rewards keep your brand at the top of advocates' minds because commissions increase engagement and devotion.

Referral rewards motivate advocates to participate in social campaigns and refer their friends to your brand. When these friends shop and purchase products, brands can compensate with a flat payment or a referral commission.  

activate and incentivize your influencer community with referral rewards

Brands that adopt referral payments see a significant lift in new customer acquisition and word-of-mouth sales. By leveraging the social influence of existing customers and fans, you market with people who love you. This is not only fun, but it also generates bottom-line returns. 

Two such benefits of rewarding ambassadors are:

  1. They refer new customers at a much lower CAC rate.
  2. The lifetime value of ambassadors is not just the products they buy. The LTV extends to the people who they inspire to purchase from your brand. 

Customize Rewards

You have the flexibility to set your own rewards. For instance, you can build program-specific referral rewards and incentivize the best performing influencers with a greater commission rate.

The Wooly Platform makes it simple to compensate with monetary payments, discounts, and products. Plus, there are one-off payment options for content, referrals, and campaign participation.

Consolidate Your Martech Stack

Wooly is now a total referral marketing solution. Measure and understand all your social campaign and referral data in one place. No need to mix various advocate management, spreadsheets, and payment software. 

consolidate your martech stack with Wooly

Simplify Your Reward System

Organize your advocacy marketing all in one place, saving time and maximizing return on your investment.

Collect, process, and analyze real-time referral data to support data-driven decisions. Plus, you can track activities and results at three different levels: 

  1. Program
  2. Campaign
  3. User lever (by advocate)

Monitor Ambassador Health

The referral rewards app reveals which of your advocates are knocking it out of the park and which ones could use some guidance. Quickly uncover your top programs and advocates. See which influencers and ambassadors may need a bit of attention. 

With Wooly, you can get granular insight to understand why some people produce particular results.

Send Payments Via PayPal and Venmo  

Send payments seamlessly within Wooly using our custom PayPal and Venmo integration. No need to export a file of rewards and upload the data into payment software. Wooly integrates seamlessly with both PayPal and Venmo. 

Advocates can even pick where they want to receive their payments by choosing their PayPal or Venmo wallets.

Engage and Reward Your Advocates

The Wooly advocate portal displays rewards in real-time--one more way to take care of influencers and ambassadors.

Advocates can track their activities and the connection to their referral commissions right in the app. 

Also, advocates are automatically notified via email when one of their friends makes a purchase. 

When a payment is sent, advocates receive an email alert. 

Start Paying Your Influencers and Ambassadors in Wooly

The best way to start sending payments within Wooly is to review the following article in our Knowledge Base: Getting Started with Referral Rewards

As always, if you have questions, the Wooly team loves to help. 

Grow your ecommerce sales with people who love you. Request a demo today!

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