Supercharge Referral Marketing with Pre-Generated Codes

April 1, 2021
Jeff Poulton

Manual discount rules aren’t so manual anymore! Load them up with pre-generated codes from your store and get all the benefits of Shopify-linked discount rules. While Manual Discount Rules allow many brands to assign custom codes, this can be time-consuming and cause delays for advocates.

Add Pre-Generated Codes to Discount Rules

We are excited to announce that now you can add pre-generated codes to a manual discount rule. Plus, Wooly can automatically assign codes to advocates, just like with Shopify-linked discount rules. Wooly will then automatically assign codes to advocates, just like with Shopify-linked discount rules. This is a huge time saver for brands running stores on platforms other than Shopify because you can pre-generate discount codes and import them into Wooly for automatic distribution via campaigns, programs, etc.

The new feature also includes the ability to get notifications when your pre-generated codes drop below a designated threshold so you can replenish the list of codes before they run out.

Learn more about Manual Discount Rules.

Tap Into the Power of Buy X, Get Y Shopify Discount Code

Non-Shopify brands aren't the only ones to benefit from Manual Discount Rule's new superpower. While it's possible in Wooly to automate Percentage Off and Fixed Amount Shopify discount codes, two Shopify discount codes are not yet supported: Buy X, Get Y and Free Shipping. 

Referral marketing Discount Code

In the meantime, Shopify brands can utilize these two discount code types in Wooly with the help of Manual Discount Codes. Pre-generate a batch of codes using a plugin such as Bulk Discount Code Generator. Upload them to a Manual Discount Rule in Wooly and enjoy the unique advantages that these types of codes offer.

Learn more about Buy X, Get Y Discount Codes in Wooly.

Leverage Manual Discount Codes in Programs

When configuring a program, you can designate sharable and personal discount rules, which automatically assign to advocates when they are added to a program. Because issuing program-level codes is automated, these program-level discount rules are constrained to only those linked to Shopify stores. 

Manual Discount Rules can carry a pool of pre-generated codes, and it's possible to add personal and shareable discount rules to their programs. 

shopify discount code for referral marketing
Add manual rule to your programs

Standardized Street Address Field Length

One of our keen users discovered that it isn’t always possible to edit shipping addresses if the street address exceeded 30 characters. All address fields allow 50 characters, which is typically the maximum limit allowed by shipping providers.

Access to shipping info When Exporting the Campaign Participation Report

For brands who process their campaign rewards outside of Wooly, it has been frustrating to look up each contact's address individually. Now when you export a list of campaign participants in Wooly, their shipping information is included, speeding up the process of fulfilling rewards.

COMING SOON...Reward Advocates with Referral Commissions! 

One of the most frequently requested features is the ability to reward advocates for driving referrals. We are excited to let you know that we are working hard on referral commissions and working closely with several customers to try it out.

Stay tuned for more details about this exciting new feature! If you’d like to join the initial beta release, be sure to complete our Referral Rewards Survey and indicate that you want to get early access.

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