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Manage All Your Brand Advocates With Programs

March 12, 2021
Stacy Wells

Managing and growing your brand advocate relationships just got easier with Wooly’s new PROGRAMS feature.

Thousands of companies are cutting back paid advertising on Google and Facebook. Instead, organizations are marketing with people who already buy from them and love their products.

Programs organize these fans and let brands run multiple advocacy groups at the same time. 

Examples of Programs are brand ambassadors, influencers, athletes, customers, employees, geographical regions, and countries. The primary purpose is to group your fans so you can work with them similarly and at scale. You can set up as many programs as you need in the Wooly app.

Programs have multiple advantages for marketers, including:  

  • Streamline and automate recruitment 
  • Customize communication for each Program
  • Engage new advocates with automated Welcome Campaigns
  • Simplify issuing personal and shareable discount codes to advocates
  • Easily organize, manage, and scale your communities
  • Measure each Program performance with Dashboards and Reports

Fostering long-term relationships with advocates builds your brand while tapping into a new marketing channel. But as the groups grow, interacting and managing effectively soon becomes overwhelming. This is why Programs are so helpful and valuable.  

Program Specific Application Forms

You can develop and tailor the application forms for specific Programs. Wooly provides an initial or default application template with the ability to add your own questions to understand your advocates better.

When developing applications, try to anticipate how you'll work with advocates. Ask yourself what specifics do you want to know about each group of advocates?

For instance, your influencer application could ask, "do you have a blog?" Ambassadors don't always have their own blogs, so a better question for this group would be, "what do you love about the product?"

Application Forms can be embedded on your website. And you can drive new advocates to the forms through your Instagram stories and links on your social accounts. 

For more ideas on recruiting, check out these resources: What Makes a Great Application Page and 101 Tips for Recruiting Ambassadors.

Application Approval Process

Another option is to manually or automatically approve applicants. Simply select which works best when you set up your Programs. 

For example, some brands like to review all influencer applicants but accept everyone applying to their ambassador program.

Automated Emails

Connect with your community right away with automatic communication. Programs have a built-in email feature. Wooly automatically replies to set up email messages that trigger automatically based on events such as:

  • Application Received
  • Application Approved
  • Application Rejected

All emails are fully customizable and even let you include a custom header, hero image, and graphics. No more plain text emails :)

Discounts & Perks

Welcome your advocates by sending a gift or discount automatically. Manage all the personal and shareable discount codes directly in your Programs.

Also, advocates can create their own custom discount codes to share with their community. They love this ability because it’s easy to remember and strengthens their value. 


Start working with new advocates quickly with an initial Welcome Campaign. Once you design Welcome Campaigns for each of your Programs, new advocates know how to engage.

Welcome Campaigns combine three important aspects.

  • Overview - summary of the program and what to expect
  • Activities - first steps and engagement such as posting and sharing a discount code
  • Guidelines - ideas from you, ideas from other participants, photo examples, hashtags, and more

New Navigation

A Program icon was added to the main navigation right below the Dashboard icon. 

Click on the Program icon for quick access to your advocacy groups.

Brand Advocate Contacts 

The Wooly Contacts section has been a catch all. Groups had to be created manually and saved using filters such as influencer, ambassador, athlete, customer, or employee. 

Now Contacts has a dropdown menu for Programs to see contacts separated by groups. As always, you can drill down deeper into Programs with filters. 

To keep tabs on Program activity and metrics, the Dashboard has a dropdown menu in the upper left called "All Programs." Quickly toggle between Programs to track engagement and sales.

Programs make connecting with advocates smooth and easy. They also scale without any additional work on your part. You can reach more customers and expand your communities. And finally, Programs track the results of brand advocates and the sales they drive.

We’d love to talk for a few minutes about the power of brand advocacy programs. Schedule a convenient time by clicking this calendar link.

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