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#LunchWithWooly – A Recap

October 20, 2020

Wooly’s CEO, Scott Paul, breaks down our origin story, why customer commerce (c-Commerce) is the future, and how it will become the primary driving force behind brand sales.

It was truly a pleasure to host, be a part of, and see the tight knit culture of Utah marketers come together at our recent #LunchWithWooly. Shoutout to everyone who attended and made this event possible. We’re already scheming our next get together.

Seriously though, how much fun did we have? Killer tacos and churros, insightful conversations, a stellar keynote, and the sheep… WE HAD SHEEP!!. 🐑🐑 Those sheep stole the show. If we had MVP’s to give out, those two would be the inaugural winners.

Mike from Nomatic, Reyn from Nena & Co, and a bro five at the Wooly luncheon

Scott Paul at the Wooly luncheon in Lehi, Utah

The sheep were a hit at the Wooly luncheon

Okay, back to business...

Following delicious tacos and super sweet t-shirts, we had a great keynote featuring Wooly’s CEO, Scott Paul, breaking down our origin story, why customer commerce (c-Commerce) is the future, and how it will become the primary driving force behind brand sales. With 20 - 50% of all purchase decisions being influenced by friends and family, it's hard to comprehend not initiating a comprehensive c-Commerce strategy.

We were also lucky enough to have Bryson White from Amer Sports (Salomon) and brand ambassador Sherry Traher, take the stage to talk about the relationship they’ve created between brand and ambassador. It's clear that when a brand recognizes the fandom of a trusted customer, the bond strengthens as does the willingness to recommend the product.

Sincerely, thank you for helping us make #LunchWithWooly such a success. Everyone who attended showed a genuine interest in each others ideas and pursuits. What an incredible herd we're a part of – the Utah scene is top shelf!

If you want to know why Wooly is the driving force behind all of this, reach out to us. We love talking about c-Commerce and exploring ways we can help you grow your business with the help of your most influential customers.

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