Look at Me, Now! - Wooly December 2020 Update

December 17, 2020
Jeff Poulton

Wooly has had quite a few recent upgrades that we think you will be anxious to hear. The majority of these changes are driven by our customers on their quest to dominate ambassador marketing. Take a look at what's new within Wooly below:

View total revenue by discount rule 

For many Wooly’s customers, discount codes are driving record-setting increases to new referrals, repeat sales, and average order sizes. Being able to see which discount codes are performing and which aren’t is critical to fine-tuning a store’s growth. By navigating to the list of discount rules, you can now see the total revenue attributed to each discount rule.

Incentivize sharing of discount codes 

Speaking of increasing referral sales, there is a new campaign activity type designed to do just this. When creating a campaign, you will notice the new “Share Discount Code” activity type. Specify a discount code and the minimum number of orders required to complete the activity to motivate your advocates to help drive sales. Couple this activity type with a compelling campaign reward to incentivize your advocates to share their discount codes with friends, family, and followers.

Quickly duplicate an existing campaign 

Actually, Wooly has had the ability to duplicate campaigns for a long time, but we played hide-and-seek with the duplicate button. We heard loud and clear that the game wasn’t appreciated so we are bringing the button to the Campaigns List page where it will be more intuitive to find.

Improved viewing and downloading of uploaded user images 

User-generated content can be an amazing source of authentic images for use in advertising campaigns, social posts, etc. Prior to this update, viewing user-uploaded images required opening each image in a new browser tab. With this update, simply tap on an image in the gallery to view the images in a lightbox and quickly tab through each image in the gallery. There is also an option to download an image directly from within the lightbox.

Get a helpful tip when social post stats just don’t seem right 

There are some situations in which a social post’s stats aren’t available, such as when the poster’s account is private or when a post was manually added in the Brand Portal. When you see N/A for likes and comments, you can mouse over the icons for a helpful tool tip. 

Blacklisted social profile names on application forms 

When filling out an application form, applicants will occasionally type in the name of the social network (e.g. “Instagram” or “Facebook”) instead of their own handle, resulting in inflated follower stats on their contact profile. We have updated the application form to prevent users from entering invalid social handles such as these. 

Renamed the “Upload Content” activity type to “Upload an Image” 

Some of your advocates were assuming they could upload videos into campaigns that required them to upload content. While support for video uploads is coming soon, the app currently only supports images. Rather than using the generic word “content”, the app now informs advocates to upload images. 

View last month’s reports 

Joel R. pointed out that it’s too many clicks to see last month’s reports. You can now click “Last Month” in the date filter drop down for reports and dashboards to avoid the repetitive tasks of selecting the start and end dates of the prior month.

Sales attribution pixels are auto-installed for brands using Shopify 

Measuring how well word-of-mouth activities are translating into referrals and sales is critical for most brands. Wooly relies on tracking pixels installed on your store’s website to attribute key activities to the advocates driving them. Upon integrating Shopify with Wooly, the tracking pixels will automatically be added to the Shopify store, eliminating the manual steps of editing the page templates in Shopify.

More intuitive selection between campaign types

We updated the verbiage in the brand portal to better distinguish between Invite-only Campaigns and Public Hashtag Campaigns (formerly labeled as ambassador campaigns and public campaigns, respectively). Public Hashtag Campaigns are available to those on the Community plan, and allow customers to tap into Wooly’s powerful social listening engine to hear what the world has to say about your brand. 

Standardized and customizable campaign activity instructions

When adding activities to campaigns, you’ll notice there are standardized instructions for each type of activity, along with a field to add your own additional instructions. This provides advocates with a consistent, intuitive experience from one campaign to the next.

Get more data in your contact exports

Contact Export now includes fields for Date Added, Signup Date, Discount Codes, as well as First and Last Name being split into separate fields.

Save contact filters as account-wide default filters

Contact filters can make repetitive searches a snap. Prior to this update, only account owners were able to save filters to the Default Filters list. Now Team Admins can also save filters to this list.

Ensure the correct campaign email is sent at campaign launch

Getting email copy just right can be an iterative process. One of our brands pointed out that changes made to the “Let’s Collaborate” email weren’t getting sent to uses when the campaign was published. We updated our email queueing logic to ensure that you can make copy changes right up to the point of the campaign going live. 

Helpful tip when users aren’t able to access a campaign

In some circumstances users will click on a link to join a campaign that they haven’t been invited to join. This can happen when they accidentally sign into the Wooly app using the wrong account. We have included a notification message directing users to a help page guiding them to try signing in with a different email address.

Updated colors, styles, and fonts

Some of you with an eye for design might have noticed updated colors, styles, and typefaces within the Brand Portal. We recently replaced Proxima Soft with the Inter typeface and are consolidating our navigation and button styles across the portal.

Wooly provides an ambassador marketing platform to help brands grow through their fans and customers. If you are looking to scale your advocacy marketing efforts by building awareness, maintain authenticity, and create a new marketing channel, request a demo with Wooly today.

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