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Everyone Can Add a Link Sticker to Their Instagram Story

November 24, 2021
Stacy Wells

Instagram just made Link Stickers available to every user, from celebrities and corporations to small startups and micro-accounts with no followers. It's a game changer for businesses and ambassadors.

Social media is a significant component of every company's digital strategy. And it has grown in importance over the past few years. Companies are focused on capturing people's attention with their content and establishing a connection with followers.

Social platforms aim to keep visitors on the apps, while brands are trying to drive traffic to their websites and ecommerce stores. While social media platforms want to keep visitors on their applications, marketers need to drive traffic to their websites and e-commerce storefronts. It's a struggle between competing objectives. 

In this article, we will explore the link changes, benefits, and how to add a link to your Instagram Stories utilizing the new Link Sticker feature.

Instagram Link Stickers for All Accounts

In an unexpected act of inclusion, Instagram recently opened link functionality to all users, not just business accounts and high-profile creators. 

Instagram recently extended its Link Sticker feature in Stories to all users, not just verified accounts and high-profile producers. The gesture of inclusivity opens the functionality to all Instagram account owners. Now even people with less than 10,000 followers can use Link Stickers on their Stories. We even tested it with a new Instagram account that had zero followers. And it worked.

This is fantastic news for companies working with all levels of influencers and ambassadors. Previously, the exclusive feature limited ambassadors' ability to share referral links and boost traffic to specific sites.

Every day Wooly sees that when people care about a brand, regardless of their reach or audience, they have more influence and generate higher referral sales than those who don't care. 

Instagram seems to be catching this vision as well. According to a statement from Instagram itself, 

"We've heard from the rest of our community that they also want to share things that matter with their friends and family. Whatever you're now have a space to share in Stories — regardless of your account size."

What Are Link Stickers?

Link stickers are images with a hyperlink to additional content viewed on other apps, such as webpages or videos. 

As entrepreneurs, innovators, companies, and social changemakers have demonstrated, sharing knowledge and tools builds relationships and a thriving brand community

Link sharing in Stories can benefit in a variety of ways. 

Some of the most popular uses of Link Stickers are:

  • Direct followers to a website
  • Product discovery
  • Content
  • Videos
  • Referral links and codes
  • Product releases
  • Exclusive deals 
  • Sign-ups for service
  • Education

Link Stickers in Instagram Stories 

Recently, Instagram dropped its "swipe-up" feature for including links in Stories. They replaced the "swipe-up" link in Instagram Stories with Link Stickers. 

Like earlier, both the "swipe-up" links and Link Stickers were only available to business and creator accounts. The exclusive feature hampered sharing referral links and driving traffic for brands with non-business accounts. 

Additionally, many companies that work with smaller influencers and brand ambassadors were frustrated. Their brand champions could not insert links in their Stories.

Thanks to the new updates, even the tiniest IG account publishing Stories can add Link Stickers. 

Why Link Stickers Are Important 

Connecting your website, products, and blog entries to Instagram posts have been difficult. Just search "hacks for linking in Instagram."

Plus,  the opportunity to generate a 'Swipe up' link on Instagram Stories was only available to people with at least 10,000 followers or verified accounts.

Krista Hauk, Wooly's Vice President of Customer Success said,

"IG link stickers are a game changer! They allow everyday people, not just people with large social influence, to share their favorite products or other articles with their friends and family. This will be extremely useful for ecommerce brands with ambassador programs to better track the effectiveness of these programs."

It's now possible for everyone to reap the benefits of Link Stickers.

One meaningful perk is engaging more with your audience. Followers can go straight from your Instagram Story to a website.

Link Stickers are particularly great for brand ambassadors. They can embed their referral link. Their followers don't have to copy and paste codes once they get to a shopping site. The journey is automatic and effortless.  

The timing of this change is ideal. Everyone who wants to include links in their Stories can -- perfect for Black Friday and holiday word-of-mouth marketing.

How to Add a Link to Instagram Story  

It's a breeze to add a link to your Instagram Story with Link stickers. Just upload one of your images to Instagram. Write a caption that you want your audience to see, and click the link sticker button at the bottom of the post. Insert your URL link and publish. 

Since this is a new feature for some, we will walk you through each step.

1. If you are using a referral link, start by going to the Wooly Advocate Portal. Tap on the "Copy Referral Link" button to get your unique URL in the Referral Link section.  

You will use this link later within the Instagram app.

2. Log into your Instagram account. Click on the "Add" button on the right side of the top menu bar. 

Create an Instagram Story

3. Tap the second option called "Story" from the drop-down menu. 

4. Click on your camera roll at the bottom left of the screen. You can then choose the image or video you would like to use for your Instagram Story.

5. After you pick your image or video, the app will display the content. You will need to click the Sticker icon in the menu bar at the top.

6. Scroll down and find the "Link" sticker. Tap on the sticker.

7. Type or paste the URL you copied in the Wooly Advocate Portal in the space provided. Make sure you click "Done" in the upper right-hand corner.

8. Your Link Sticker will automatically appear on the image or video. The Sticker placement is customizable. If you tap on the sticker, you can move it to the exact location you would like. You can also resize Stickers. When you are finished with the placement, click on the "Next" arrow in the bottom right corner.

9. You're almost set. Tap on the blue "Share" button next to "Your Story."

10. The last step is to click on the big blue "Done" bar at the bottom of the app. Your Instagram Story with a clickable Link Sticker is now live!

Pro Tip

Despite our enthusiasm for Link Stickers, there is one downside. Instagram does not give users a way to customize Link Stickers. We're stuck with the bland default color schemes. 

But we have found two simple workarounds. Check out how you can have IG Stories with easy custom Links in just a few minutes. You are welcome!


The ability to add a Link Sticker to your Instagram Stories is a much-needed functionality that, honestly, all users need.

No wonder companies along with the influencers who post about their products are celebrating.

Happy linking!

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