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IG Stories with Easy Custom Links

November 30, 2021
Stacy Wells

Ambassadors and brands are eager to make their links stand out on IG Stories as everybody incorporates Stickers.

For the first time ever, anybody may use clickable links on IG Stories. A verified account or more than 10,000 followers is no longer a requirement. Gone are the days of multiple hacks and workaround to get swipes on your IG Stories. 

As we talked about last week, everyone can add a Link Sticker to their Instagram Story. Because of this, millions of smaller influencers and businesses will now be able to provide their followers with exclusive discounts and information via IG Stories.

Aside from the fact that we're elated about Link Stickers, they are not customizable. Instagram only provides three options for Link Stickers. You may choose a standard blue, a transparent or clear variation of the same Sticker, or use the black font. All choices are pretty drab and uninspiring. 

To enhance your Instagram Stories and personalize your Link Stickers, we have two simple solutions that you're going to love.

How to Customize Your IG Story Links

Before explaining how to give Link Stickers your own touch, you'll want to read the following: Everyone Can Add a Link Sticker to Their Instagram Story. If you have any questions or need to know the step-by-step instructions on inserting clickable links in Stories, this article is for you.

The first suggestion you can access right on the Instagram app. And the second method is with one of our favorite marketing design tools, Canva. 

Instagram Text Feature

Using Instagram's text feature within Stories is the fastest approach to transforming the appearance of links. Start with this idea if you need a simple way to modify your Link Sticker.

First, create a Story and add your Link Sticker with the custom URL. Tap and drag the Link Sticker to any location on the Story. 

When you finish all the design, stop before sharing the Story. Click on the text button at the top. It is the first menu option and says,  "Aa".

Type your custom call-to-action. You may adjust the background shade to one of the 27 color options Instagram provides. 

Again from the top menu on this screen, you can alter the alignment, font, and effects.

Tap the corners of your CTA button to size it just larger than the Link Sticker. The CTA button will cover the Sticker, so it needs to be slighter bigger. 

Unfortunately, the Link Sticker cannot rotate. So resist the urge to turn the CTA text.

Tap the text and position it directly over the Link Sticker when you've finished modifying.

Even if you cover the Link Sticker, it will still function. Clever, right?

As with all IG Stories, the final step is to "Share" your Story and click "Done." 

In a few simple steps, you have a personalized Link in your IG Story that you may share with your followers.

Custom Designed Instagram Link 

The second approach is more flexible but requires more time and access to Canva. However, any version, including the free account on Canva, will work. 

Create your IG Story and add a Link Sticker with the URL, just like you usually would. 

This time, pause before sharing the Story and go to Canva. 

Open Canva and choose a social media template. It doesn't need to be an Instagram Story template or Instagram Post. However, for simplicity, we use Instagram Post or Facebook Post templates. 

Click on the first tile called "Create a black Instagram Post." 

At this point, let your creative juices flow. Design your very own CTA button using your brand font, colors, and button shape. 

When everything is just right, center the CTA graphic and download your design. Ensure the file type is PNG and that you click "Transparent background."

Pro Tip: 

You must download the CTA graphic from Canva with a transparent background. This is crucial.  If you don't, your design with cover the Story. Not the custom result we're aiming for. 

Send the graphic to your phone. From a Mac, you can airdrop it. Or from a PC, you can email it to yourself or add it to your Google Photos. Just make sure you upload it to your phone camera roll, so the graphic is available to use from Instagram.

Go back to your original Instagram Story. After a few more clicks, you'll be good to go!

Click on the Sticker from the top menu one last time.

Scroll down and tap on the Image Sticker to access your photos.

Your camera roll will pop up, and your custom Canva design should be the first image. 

Tap on your custom CTA graphic. It will automatically appear on your Story. Again, you'll want to tap on the CTA and move it directly over the Link Sticker. 

If you need to resize the CTA button, just hold the corners and move them smaller or larger as necessary to cover the Link Sticker. 

Amazingly, a Link Sticker will redirect viewers, even when it has another image overlaid.

Don't forget to share your IG Story so everyone can revel in your brilliance! 

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