Email Notifications So You Don't Miss the Action

August 11, 2021
Jeff Poulton

No one likes to miss out, especially when it affects your bottom line. Keep tabs on the latest initiatives, tasks, and developments in your ambassador programs with Wooly's email notifications.

The great advantage of employing an ambassador marketing approach is that you have a team of marketing professionals that are truly enthusiastic about your company. Their mission is to keep grassroots excitement and chatter humming.

In the beginning, launching your new brand ambassador program takes focused energy. But once things are organized and running, most people spend a few hours a week managing their ambassador channels. 

While you're not actively managing ambassador programs day in and day out, you still need to be aware of events and stay up to date. 

For instance, an individual may have just applied to become an ambassador, but if you're not in the Wooly portal, they may sit in your pending applications for a few days without you knowing. 

Currently, brands can send automatic emails letting people know you received their application and when they can expect a response. The funny thing is that potential advocates get an email notification, but brands do not. 

Get Automatic Email Notifications

Wooly now has email notifications for team members. When it comes to high-priority tasks, you can stay on top of the latest developments by turning on email notifications. 

You can configure these notifications settings within the Wooly portal to get notified when a new application is submitted, referral rewards and payments are earned, and campaign incentives need to be sent.

Types of Event Notifications

1) New Application Received 

Sign up for alerts to find out when someone applies to one of your ambassador programs. Rather than waiting for a few days, review the application and get right back to the individual. 

You've heard of the sales rule that you need to respond to a lead within minutes. The same theory applies to ambassador marketing. If you get an email notification, you're more likely to react quickly when their engagement is high. Plus, new ambassador community members will feel important and valuable. This sentiment will set the stage for a productive partnership.

get an email notification alert every time you get a new brand ambassador application

By default, email notifications only trigger when you have a new application.

2) Pending Referral Rewards 

Typically, organizations pay referral rewards about every 30 days. If your referrals are more than 30 days old, you will receive an email reminding you to approve and send the incentives.

You don't have to worry about taking care of your advocates and potentially missing a payment. 

The app will only send an email notice if there are pending referral incentives that have been outstanding for more than 30 days.

3) Pending Campaign Fulfillment

When an influencer, ambassador, pro, or employee completes a campaign, they anticipate some appreciation. Automated email notifications will let you know when new manual campaign fulfillments need to be processed. 

Rewarding advocates for completing campaigns is a great way to reinforce your gratitude and respect for their support of your brand. Please make sure you recognize their hard work.

Now you don't have to keep track of campaign fulfillment. Count on Wooly to let you know when campaigns are finished, and rewards are waiting.

Customize Notifications to Meet Your Needs

If your brand handles multiple advocate programs, you can customize alerts. For instance, notifications may be segmented by ambassadors, customers, employees, influences, insiders, and pros. 

Figure out who needs to be alerted. As well, decide which programs and activity types each member should track. Automatic notifications can be sent by the program and by activity. 

notification preferences by advocate program and by frequency

Email notifications can be sent at regular intervals. Choose whether you'd want alerts sent on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Please visit the tutorial in the Wooly Knowledge Base to get more details and learn how to enable email notifications.

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