C-Commerce Is the Future

October 20, 2020

People have been turning to one another for help deciding what to buy since the beginning of commerce – but marketing and technology has yet to catch up. Wooly is bridging this gap, with the introduction of customer commerce or as we call it at Wooly, c-Commerce.

Since our inception, Wooly has helped brands connect with their customers more humanly. We believe that brands can – and should – know their customers better, create real relationships with them, and empower them to act as authentic advocates. For years we've given brands the tools they need to identify, activate, and manage a community of brand advocates.

Over time, we've enhanced our platform to help brands build meaningful relationships with their customers, empower their customers through campaigns, and measure the impact of word of mouth. Our clients are growing, our platform is expanding, and our vision for the future is becoming a reality.

We're just getting started.

2020 will be the year c-Commerce (customer commerce) emerges as a significant component of marketing and commerce. As we push forward, our focus is delivering c-Commerce to all types of brands and consumers. The Wooly team is building the most comprehensive c-Commerce platform – and we're excited to help you give your customers the experience they've been yearning for since the dawn of commerce.

We're grateful for wonderful clients, partners, and advocates that share our vision and have been a meaningful part of our journey. Together, we are onto something big, and I could not be more excited for one. Here's to 2020!

Don't hesitate to reach out to me directly at or talk with our CMO at We're here to help.

- Scott


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