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March 31, 2021
Stacy Wells

Woven Nook is an online home decor company with thousands of happy shoppers. Despite being in a highly competitive e-commerce space, Woven Nook has discovered an unstoppable way to grow its bottom line through strong customer engagement.

The ambassador program at Woven Nook produces over 100 user generated content posts per month and an 8.4x return on investment.

"In a few short months, we have already seen significant revenue growth from Wooly, and our customers are loving being a part of our program!" --Joel Reichart, CEO of Woven Nook and MavenThread

How can e-commerce brands build communities and encourage each customer to become a brand ambassador?

There's a lot we can learn from Woven Nook's brand ambassador program. Let's take a look.

Sell Great Products

The online retailer started because two women were frustrated with the current retail options and saw an opportunity to fill an unmet market. Their company resonated with fellow home decor enthusiasts. Even better, once people purchased and used the product, they loved it. And this brings us to the first key--offer a great product.

When individuals are passionate about a product, they naturally connect with the brand. Word-of-mouth spreads naturally as people tell their friends and family.

Invite Customers to Become Brand Ambassadors

Once the e-commerce business earned a solid base of loyal consumers, they began leveraging these relationships with an official brand ambassador program. So the second key--tap into your group of happy customers.

Woven Nook uses Wooly to engage with ambassadors through an application form, social listening, and ongoing content campaigns. They also incentivize using referrals through our e-commerce integration with Shopify.

Once customers join the program, they voluntarily create and share beautiful photos of their Woven Nook merchandise on social media. Check out the gorgeous user generated content tagged on Woven Nook’s Instagram.

Invite people to become brand ambassadors on Instagram
Invite people to become brand ambassadors on Instagram

Current customers post over 100 pieces of unique content every month. Brand awareness rapidly grows as they share with their networks.

Fast-growing brands typically find their brand ambassadors in similar places. If you'd like some tips on recruiting ambassadors, please click on the link below.

how to find brand ambassadors

Promote Your Ambassador Program

Beyond extending marketing reach and content, Woven Nook's ambassador program continues to grow every week. The primary source of participation is existing customers, which they target in a number of ways.

The third key--promote your ambassador community to get a constant flow of applicants.

According to the marketers at Woven Nook, they spend very little time or effort pushing brand ambassador applications. They have set up some automated recruitment strategies to keep a steady volume of incoming applications.

Be Inclusive  

Woven Nook's program is an ongoing ambassador community that accepts all customers who apply. Everyone is welcome and rewarded. These customers access personal and shareable discounts for participating in awareness campaigns.

Key number four--create a home for everyone.

Joel Reichart explained the company's philosophy, "Our customers are our biggest advocates, and we want to allow everyone into the program who applies. Our program stays consistent with consistent applicants, and we continue to grow it by always recruiting more ambassadors."

Use Multiple Touchpoints

Encouraging each person to become a brand ambassador takes many angles. The best way to recruit people is by leveraging multiple touchpoints.

Send Email to All Customers

Woven Nook designed a simple recruitment email that they send to all subscribed customers.

Email customers to become a brand ambassador
Email customers to become a brand ambassador

Publish an Email Banner

Woven Nook also includes a small banner in each of their email newsletters with a link to the ambassador program application. The banner hyperlinks to their application page on the Woven Nook website. Hundreds of customers click and complete the application.

Having an "exclusive discount" also motivates many people. Immediately extending a benefit is very smart.

Woven Nook includes a banner in all their emails

Post on Social Media

The social media manager at Woven Nook regularly posts about the ambassador program on social media. Swipe-up links are shared often. Also, application links are included in the company's bio.

“We recruit our ambassadors by regularly posting on Instagram + IG Stories, sending out recruitment emails, and integrating our ambassador program into automated email flows.” --Joel Reichart

Have an Application Form on Your Website

In the footer of the Woven Nook website is a link to their ambassador program.

Collect applications on your website and include a link in your website's footer
Collect applications on your website and include a link in your website's footer

Empower Customers to Become a Brand Ambassador

Recruiting adoring brand ambassadors is the cornerstone to every successful word-of-mouth marketing campaign.

When considering which methods would be best for your brand, think about customers first! Apply a variety of recruitment methods instead of choosing just one. The formula is simple: the more strategies you implement, the more applications you will have.

Check out our recruitment guide for some great templates you can use and customize for your brand!

download the free brand ambassador playbook and guide

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