5 Ways Automatic Campaign Incentives Make Ambassadors Happy

July 7, 2021
Jeff Poulton

Marketing is a never-ending process. No wonder brand marketing pros continually work to streamline and automate the many details of their job. An entire business industry known as marketing automation exists to develop and support software that automates marketing operations. Marketing and sales teams worldwide incorporate marketing automation to maximize their revenue and optimize the use of valuable time.

While marketing automation typically involves email campaigns and prospect nurturing, it also applies to any marketing activity. Sometimes automating small details can be the most helpful. After all, the crux of marketing automation is simplifying responsibilities and demands. 

Wooly's mission is to ignite growth and referral sales with authentic word-of-mouth and real people passionate about your brand. We want this to happen easily and be enjoyable. Getting bogged down in the minutia is not easy nor fun. 

Thus, our software development team spends their days making our brand ambassador platform simple to use and automating processes where possible. 


We are excited to announce our most recent enhancement: Automatic Campaign Incentives.

People running brand ambassador programs often wear many hats and are stretched thin. Manually fulfilling campaign incentives is time-consuming, especially for those overseeing multiple programs. Sending various rewards to influencers, ambassadors, pros, athletes, and customers for each campaign can become overwhelming.  

So Wooly automated campaign discount codes and has plans to automate even more types of rewards in the future. 

Minimize Campaign Busywork 

Eliminate the time-consuming task of rewarding people for participating in campaigns.

Users do not need to log into Wooly each day to see which ambassadors are waiting for their campaign rewards to be fulfilled. Simply assign a discount rule, and Wooly will automatically issue codes when the parameters are met. 

Incentives can be automatically fulfilled or fixed to send when ambassadors complete the campaign.

Eliminate busy work with automatic campaign incentives

Streamline Product Seeding

Using automation simplifies the process of product seeding for your influencer campaigns.

When you assign a discount rule as a "post-join" incentive, influencers receive a discount code immediately upon joining the campaign. Discount codes are excellent because rewards and incentives are flexible. Ambassadors have the option to make their own selection from a specific set of products or a product collection.

If done correctly, product seeding can create a positive reinforcement loop with ambassadors. Timing is crucial, and they need quick acknowledgment of their contribution. Coordinating reward fulfillment across various departments is likely to result in unwelcome delays in getting awards into the hands of ambassadors. Obviously, this is not ideal.

Immediately send influencers discount codes for campaign participation and completion

Show Instant Appreciation

Reinforce your gratitude by acknowledging your advocates with instant rewards.

Ambassadors and influencers often finesse over their social posts for your campaigns. Rewarding them immediately upon completing a campaign shows your respect and appreciation for their time.

Manual fulfillment options are nice when the incentive doesn't perfectly line up with using a discount code. But when rewards require human interaction, it slows down the entire process.

Providing quick responses with instant incentives for influencers will strengthen your partnership.

Reinforce your appreciation with instant rewards for ambassadors and inluencers

Perfectly Time Incentives

You can offer incentives for joining a campaign, completing a campaign, or both!

Eliminate any uncertainty about when participants will get their campaign reward by removing it from the equation. Choose the incentive trigger that is most appropriate for the campaign, or add a post-join and a post-completion reward trigger to encourage more involvement.

Offer incentives for joining a campaign, completing a campaign, or both!

Easily See Outstanding Incentives

The recent update gives users improved visibility and understanding of campaign incentives that need to be fulfilled.

Get immediate insights into which campaigns have outstanding incentives to be fulfilled without clicking into each campaign. Additionally, you have the option of indicating which participants' incentives don't need to be fulfilled. The versatility helps you keep tabs on incentives that require action.

Easily See Outstanding Incentives on the Brand Ambassador Platform

As always, if you have questions, the Wooly team loves to help.

Grow your ecommerce sales with people who love you. Request a demo today!

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