Are Your Fans Talking about You This Holiday Season?

November 2, 2020
Jesse Astle

It’s the most magical time of the year! It’s also the busiest time with a massive opportunity for a boost in sales! So how can you use your ambassador program to help your company increase sales and acquire new customers?

Here are some fun holiday campaign ideas to give your company the boost you need this season!

1. Create a gift guide and have your ambassadors promote it! 

Campaign Idea:Create a gift guide and have your ambassadors pick their top three gifts and post about it! Choose one person that posted their top 3 and fulfill their wishlist.

2. Have your ambassadors give a product testimonial of their must-have product!

Campaign Idea:Have your ambassador post what they would "Ask Santa" for from your brand and have them give a testimonial of why they love this product. For the reward, you could choose one person's wish and give them two of them, one for a friend and one for themselves!

3. Give your ambassadors individual promo codes! 

Everyone wants to hook a friend up with a discount on their favorite products! Why not give your ambassadors a code to share with their friends and family for the holidays?

Did you know that if you are a Shopify client, every one of your ambassadors has the power to make unique codes to give to their friends and family? Even if you aren't a Shopify client, we still have a great way you can track attribution! Contact us for more information!

4. Donate a percent of sales to charity and have your ambassadors share it!

We all know that 2020 has been a rough year, and what better way to end it by giving back! Do you have a cause you would love to donate to from a portion of sales?

Campaign Idea:  During the holiday season, have your ambassadors post about ways they can give back and show how your company is giving back during the holiday season 

Campaign Idea: Create a special product sale just for your ambassador's friends and family. Encourage social posting to help promote this special product sale. Your ambassador's followers can also participate in giving back to charity.

Campaign Idea: Give your ambassadors a list of causes you support so they can share different ways for people to give back during the holidays. 

5. Spoil your ambassadors!

Campaign Idea: Have a flash sale with exclusive products (maybe something for the holidays) for your ambassadors only! Make them feel appreciated and loved this holiday season! 

Campaign Idea: Create fun holiday bundles that you can gift to your ambassadors, and they can unbox and post about it. 

Campaign Idea: Give your ambassadors a particular one time use promo code to use during the holiday season! You can encourage them to purchase something for a friend as well. 

6. Have your ambassadors create 12 Days of Stories for the holiday season! 

Campaign Idea: Create 12 days of activities for your ambassadors to post about each day and invite others to participate! Have them mark off every activity in their stories each day as they do them! You could do things such as use their product during different holiday activities or here are some general ideas: 

Activity Ideas: 

  • Drop a treat off at someone’s house 
  • Have a holiday movie night with your family!
  • Decorate a gingerbread house
  • Provide a meal for someone in need 
  • Decorate your house! 
  • Show off your favorite product from (brand) 
  • Make a holiday craft! 
  • Volunteer at a charity 
  • Call someone you admire and let them know
  • Create paper snowflakes
  • Roast Marshmallows and get cozy by a fire
  • Burn your favorite candle

7. Encourage your ambassadors to share the holiday spirit with those around them! 

Campaign Idea: Create a campaign all about providing service to someone around them. Create a creative name that associates these acts of service with your company's name, i.e., Helpful Honda Guy.

8. Have your ambassadors promote your Black Friday deals!

Campaign Ideas: Give all the Black Friday details to your ambassadors before you announce it to the public and have them spill the news! As a reward, give them first access to the deals a day before you launch to the public! 

Campaign Idea: Allow your ambassadors to shop your Black Friday sales a few weeks before so they can do an unboxing of all the things people can score on black Friday. 

Campaign Idea: Show your ambassadors what products will be on the black Friday sale so they can post about them when the deal goes live and tell everyone about their top picks. 

Campaign Idea: Send out a survey of possible products on a black Friday sale and let your ambassadors vote on the public deal! Help your ambassadors feel more involved in your marketing efforts. (And potentially the opportunity to score their favorite products.)

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