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Top 5 Reasons Brands Need Advocacy Marketing

October 26, 2021
Stacy Wells

Advocacy marketing is one of the most effective strategies, so it's not surprising it is also one of the fastest growing lead gen sources for companies.

Before we dig into the benefits of advocacy marketing, let's first explain what it is and why it is so vital for businesses today.

What Is Advocacy Marketing?

Advocacy marketing is a strategy that encourages individual brand champions to speak up and share their love for a company. It largely relies on word-of-mouth to build excitement about an organization.  

Typical examples of advocacy marketing activities are social media mentions, posts, blogs, special events, testimonials, and reviews.

Advocacy marketing leverages the enthusiasm of a brand advocate who can be a customer, employee, or influencer. Sometimes an advocate can be all three at the same time.  

One of the most critical aspects of product advocacy is that people are really using and enjoying the things themselves. Today's buyers are adept at spotting an influencer or employee who doesn't genuinely care about the product or service they are promoting.

Why is Brand Advocacy Important?

Motivating satisfied customers to sing a company's praises can prove difficult. One of the most sustainable and scalable methods of getting people to create buzz about your products is through brand advocacy.

Thus, brand advocacy is critical for a variety of reasons, and its significance is hard to overstate.

Following are the top five reasons or benefits for investing in brand advocacy marketing.

Brand Awareness

In a variety of ways, advocacy marketing creates excitement and fosters conversation. Brand advocates often utilize social media to spread the word about the companies and goods they use and love. Those close to you, as well as those who follow you on social media, know it's genuine. The power of word-of-mouth advertising is unmatched.

One startup, GoBe Kids, had great success using advocates. The small team did not have much time or resources to devote to marketing. They needed both product buzz and new clients fast.

GoBe Kids, a startup, had remarkable success with the use of brand advocates. The little company was strapped for time and money when it came to marketing. They were in urgent need of publicity for their new product as well as new customers.

Advocacy marketing drove massive awareness, and their customers followed suit, growing by more than 4X. 

Advocacy marketing increased GoBe's awareness, which in turn grew sales by four times.

brand advocacy program case study

Cut Through the Clutter

Americans will view between 4,000 and 10,000 advertising every day this year, according to Forbes. If you do the math, it's more than three ads every single minute. That is an astounding volume of marketing messages. Due to the enormous quantity of interruptions, individuals tend to ignore most commercials.

Instead of relying on advertisements, consumers do their homework on products and ask people they know and trust for recommendations.

According to Nielsen,

82% of customers look for recommendations from their peers before making a purchase.

It's funny how things work out sometimes. Because of all the advertisements people see, consumers are drained. In order to compete with people's decreasing attention spans, marketers must run more commercials, making it even less probable for consumers to interact with advertising. 

Advocacy marketing breaks this downward spiral of ad doom. Advocates bypass all the clutter and connect directly with potential consumers on a personal level. Something ads rarely, if ever, do. 

Brand Community

brand community is a group of customers who are passionate about the brand as a whole. Brand communities bring together your most loyal customers and employees. They bring together brand advocates. 

As individuals inside the community assimilate and participate in the brand's culture, they are prime candidates for advocacy marketing. 

New Customers

Another compelling reason to use advocacy marketing is to attract new customers.  People have a high level of trust in one another. This trust is a significant element, especially when it comes to advertising.

Again, Nielsen found that,

92% of consumers believe recommendations from friends and family over all forms of advertising.

Friends and family's reputation for reliability is precious for brands. And I have to say it is not so great for marketers. On the other hand, brand advocates circumvent the artificial feel of advertising in favor of authentic relationships. With advocacy marketing, many of the drawbacks of traditional advertising are solved.

Lower CAC

At its core, advocacy marketing is word-of-mouth at scale. Using this natural and believable approach to get new customers can dramatically reduce acquisition costs.

Brand advocacy programs mobilize super fans to connect with people both online and offline. It's a far more economical option than the usual advertising channels. The average return on investment for advocacy marketing is 550%. For every dollar invested, companies are seeing an impressive $6.50 in new business. 

Boost Sales 

For most companies, everything boils down to conversions and sales. No software or system is better at generating new leads than brand advocates. So reason number one is -- sales growth!

Empowering your biggest fans with advocacy marketing initiatives is both budget friendly and bottom line efficient. It's the perfect ratio of low costs and high benefits. 

Grow your ecommerce sales with people who love you. Request a demo today!

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