Wooly offers a growing number of integrations to streamline your everyday workflow. From connecting your ecommerce store to paying your ambassadors, Wooly integrates with your favorite tools and apps to give you the ideal tech stack.

Seamlessly integrate Wooly with your existing marketing and ecommerce environment. It's easier than ever!

Ecommerce Automation

Ecommerce automation helps optimize your business. The intelligent software automatically takes care of ecommerce tasks, processes, and workflow for your organization.

The great advantages of ecommerce automation include fewer manual tasks, fewer errors, and significant time savings.


Wooly's native integration with Shopify powers point of sale features you need to operate and grow your business successfully with ambassadors.


Work with your WooCommerce customer base to start and scale a community of ambassador marketers.


Dedicated customers make the best brand ambassadors. Target your BigCommerce store customers to become a member of your ambassador community.


Get consumers to talk about your brand and spread your marketing message by inviting Magento ecommerce customers to join your brand ambassador program.

Social Media

Social media lets people share thoughts, ideas, images, videos, and all sorts of information. Getting everyday people to talk about your brand on social media is one of the best ways to grow. Even the smallest business may connect with the globe through social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

The Wooly app gives brands everything they need to connect with their fans, activate them on social media, and measure the results. Easily see who is talking about you and what they are saying with Wooly's social listening feature.


See every Instagram post shared by your advocates in the Wooly Platform. Plus, get social analytics at all levels, including post, advocate, campaign, and brand.


Wooly automatically captures TikTok videos ambassadors create for campaigns. Social engagement metrics are also recorded.


Track and analyze all the tweets your advocates post about your brand.


Wooly's Facebook integration removes tedious manual work by automatically searching social profiles and reporting critical awareness and engagement metrics.


Send payments seamlessly within Wooly using our custom PayPal and Venmo integration. No need to export a file of rewards and upload the data into payment software. Wooly integrates seamlessly with both PayPal and Venmo.

Advocates can even pick where they want to receive their payments by choosing their PayPal or Venmo wallets.


Compensate your influencers, pros, brand ambassadors, affiliates, customers, and employees with PayPal online money transfers.


Millions of people use Venmo to send and receive money from friends and family. Referral payments are simple with the Venmo integration. Plus users can quickly transfer money to and from their accounts.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is sending commercial email messages to contacts who are on your email list. Most marketers send emails as part of a campaign or communication design, such as a company newsletter or a product update.

Email marketing lets you enlighten and inform your target audience, drive more sales, and cultivate a community.


Subscribe new Wooly applicants to Klaviyo lists. Automatically synchronize Klaviyo segments with Wooly programs to make communicating to program members a breeze.


Automatically add new applicants to your Mailchimp segments so that even if they are not accepted into a program, you can keep them updated with future opportunities.

Team Communication

Communication in the workplace is vital, making technology such as Slack and Microsoft Teams an essential tool for employees to chat, message, and get the information they need.

Wooly integrates with team communication systems, allowing seamless notifications and alerts from your ambassador programs to your existing applications.


Get Slack notifications for timely events, such as when you get new applicants to your advocacy programs.

Microsoft Teams

Post Microsoft Team notifications for new applicants to your advocacy programs.


Ensure you don't miss anything by getting SMS alerts with SimpleTexting for timely events, like new applications.


Receive an email notification in your Gmail inbox each time a new person applies to one of your advocacy programs.

Task Automation & Management

Task management software lets you log and monitor every piece of information relevant to your project, including details such as project planning and management.

An essential tool for companies, task management software helps manage all the obligations, including deadlines, meetings, and project management chores.


Zapier allows you to build robust, secure automated workflows that transfer data to and from Wooly to other apps. Connect the applications you use every day to save time, improve procedures, and keep your team humming.


Create Trello cards for new Wooly program members. Add Trello cards for influencers, pros, employees, and ambassadors.

Google Sheets

Add new Wooly program members to the Google Sheets your team uses.


Integrate Wooly data into your projects, campaign, and workflows.