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Authentic influence has become one of the most valuable digital marketing assets for companies. Learn more about the world of ambassador marketing with a host of free resources.

The following free guides and ebooks will give you a big jumpstart. Get the info and expertise you need to both begin and expand your influencer marketing initiatives.

User generated content case study cover on tablet

Brand Ambassador Playbook

Brand ambassador marketing provides a slew of benefits. Real people spreading buzz and excitement for your brand, increasing exposure, trust, and ultimately sales.

Building an ambassador program takes four steps. You'll get them all, plus a bonus ambassador marketing spreadsheet to use for your own influencer programs.
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Word of mouth marketing how to guide

TikTok Campaigns

The methods for promoting a brand have transformed. It's all about TikTok these days. The social media platform is super fun, but it's also becoming a powerful marketing tool for some of the most desirable brands.

Marketing on this dynamic social media site is simple with our TikTok Campaigns guide.

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Word of mouth marketing how to guide

Word of Mouth Marketing How-to-Guide

As the world becomes more jammed with ads, people are returning to word of mouth.  Now is the time to inspire and empower your most influential customers to spread your message with authenticity and credibility. But how?

Since word-of-mouth marketing is organic and natural, many companies struggle with this approach. That's why Wooly's tactical guide is so relevant.

Learn how to drive awareness and sales today with word of mouth marketing.

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User generated content case study cover on tablet

User Generated Content Case Study

When companies build on their customers' relationships, marketing just works better. So companies are using content created by their customers to reach new target audiences and scale awareness.

Together influencers, ambassadors, brands run campaigns, test creative, leverage their network, and improve conversion rates. In fact, user-generated content (UGC) has a 4.5% higher conversion rate than brand-produced content and images. What's more, UGC saves companies about 52% on content creation costs.

Understand how brands are capitalizing on the value of user-generated content.

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Earned Media Value Ebook

Creators and brand ambassadors have enormous sway over brand sentiment and product purchases. So, businesses are spending money to earn the trust of both influencers and customers.

These initiatives, like all marketing, need resources to run. However, the results of ambassador marketing are impressive. EMV, or "earned media value," is one of the significant benefits.

Ensure you're getting credit for the results you generate!

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Tiered Programs & Milestones

The world's finest brand communities use milestones to create a unified framework that works with their overall strategy.

Milestone tiers are perfect for making your advocacy programs fun and engaging.

The exclusivity of milestone prizes adds excitement and quickly creates a group of dedicated brand ambassadors for your organization.

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