Earned Media Value Ebook

Influencers and ambassadors have enormous power to determine who wins in the marketplace. So organizations are investing to win their devotion.

Just like any other marketing effort, these programs require money to run. Yet, the yield is quite compelling. One huge benefit is EMV or earned media value.
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Learn All About Earned Media Value!

What You'll Learn in the Ebook

Thousands of brands work with influencers and ambassadors to increase brand awareness and social engagement. A significant benefit of this marketing strategy is earned media value.

Every day, brands compete with each other to connect with consumers. You can go it alone or enlist the help of people who already buy your products and love your brand.

Milestones motivate ambassadors

Understand Earned Media
Milestones motivate ambassadors

Importance of EMV

Milestones motivate ambassadors

Calculate EMV
Milestones motivate ambassadors

Value of Reach & Engagement

Don't Understate the Value of Marketing

Tracking EMV proves the efficacy and highlights the power of ambassador and influencer programs.

Also, EMV reveals the true worth of what marketing produces.

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