Learn how to grow your customer base and increase sales without depending on ads. The Brand Ambassador Playbook has everything you need!

Launching a brand ambassador program from scratch is an enormous undertaking. Shorten your learning curve, avoid tons of obstacles, and start running an ambassador marketing program quickly.
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The Power of Brand Ambassador Marketing

As marketers, we have a plethora of techniques at our disposal. Typically, we run pay-per-click ads and automated emails. But we might be so inundated that we overlook one of the fastest-growing marketing trends.

One trend is rising digital advertising costs, and a second emerging trend is consumer annoyance with these more expensive ads. The public distrusts marketing.

96% of consumers do not trust ads

96% of consumers do not trust ads

Instead of continuous ineffective ads, companies are partnering with brand ambassadors to strengthen trust and credibility naturally.

92% of people completely trust recommendations from people they know

92% of people completely trust recommendations from people they know

During 2021, 75% of all brands have allocated budget dollars to begin ambassador marketing. Get ahead of the trend with Wooly's new Brand Ambassador Playbook.

Brand Ambassador Playbook Sections

Brand ambassador marketing has numerous advantages. Every day, ambassadors share brand enthusiasm, which organically improves awareness, trust, and sales.

We split the process into four key stages to help you develop an ambassador program that awakens brand enthusiasm.

BONUS: Ambassador Marketing Spreadsheet

As a bonus, you'll have access to a spreadsheet to start and manage your own ambassador marketing program.