Chase Prather, from techbuzz.new just wrote a rather flattering article about how Wooly helps brands scale their referral efforts. Not only does Prather explain how Wooly drives authentic word of mouth, he explains how Scott Paul's unique experience positions Wooly as the pioneer and thought leader of customer commerce (cCommerce).Here's a snippet of Prather's article:

"...many sales influencers are merely social media celebrities who have been paid to write positive reviews or say something nice in a video about the product. This is a broken system, according to Scott Paul. Trust in social media advertising is low. Paul’s latest startup, Wooly, is trying to change that.

...Paul is no stranger to social media and influence. His previous company, Instafluence, was acquired by Maker Studios, a Walt Disney company. Maker Studios is currently known as Disney Digital Network. Where Maker Studios focused on Youtube influencers, Instafluence covered all social media platforms. Paul saw large companies come in wanting to find influencers to promote their product on social media or Youtube.

'"At the end of the day, these companies were essentially hiring mercenaries and paying them a lot of money to talk about these brands even though they only used the brand for a week or two before going back to their normal routine.” Paul was put off by the inauthenticity of such transactions. “It was not the right thing for the world."'

About one year into working at Disney, Paul met a software engineer, James Davis. They clicked. They knew they wanted to build something but they did not know what it was yet. They started Wooly not with an idea but with a relationship..."

Read the full article here: Wooly Rethinks Managing Social Media Influencers