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    Why Wooly?

    Believe it or not, Wooly was named directly after our designer, Drew, created a beautiful, yet hip sheep as the mascot of our company.  We knew that we were going to help companies learn more about their customers and followers -- and sheep are...well...followers. Shortly after, we needed some real names to fit this new brand and decided to choose one that reflected our new logomark. Wooly came to mind! We shared this to trusted colleagues and got nothing but positive feedback. A simple “YES” from each recipient was all we needed to validate our new fluffy recruit. The names `Fluffy’ and `Sheeply’ just didn't feel right.


    Here is the bigger question: why Wooly? Forget the name; Why did we create Wooly? It was simple, actually. There was no magic sauce. No war room blitzes. No 5 hr brainstorming sessions. Although a complex product to develop, we simply saw a problem and wanted to solve it. We come from the influencer marketing background and we have seen much happen in the last 5 years on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  Influencers get paid like mercenaries to "shout out" a brand.  It all feels very...disingenuous.  We started asking the right questions. How could we make this more authentic? Shortly after, the light bulb was switched on. We could feel the spark, the energy, and hear the rumble.  Why not find your most influential customers and invite them to work with you? Doesn't sound all that novel right?


    Come to find out, it's not that easy to know who your customers are! You may know how much they bought from you.  You may know how many of them downloaded your app. You might even know their age and where they live. But do you know if your customers are influencers? Do you know if they actually care? Do you know if they are fans of your products and your brand?  There aren't many tools we could find to figure this out.  I know this because It was my job and at my last company and my ultimate responsibility to ‘be the expert’ on this data. That company is VERY big, on the leading edge of social media, and has more influential customers than most brands in the world.  


    In a nutshell, Wooly will take your social and customer data (e.g. all of your emails) and with those two data points, we are able to do some pretty amazing things. If you want to know who your top customers are with hundreds of thousands of followers AND talk favorably about your is our job to find them.  And once you find them, there is so much more to be done.


    We are excited for you to try Wooly. Find your best customers. Know who’s watching, talking, and liking. Know your herd.


    Always with love and a little fluff,