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    What Do Influencers Look For When Approached by a Brand?

    Hi! It’s me, Paige, again. Lately, I have found myself thinking, “I really wish this brand knew ____ before reaching out to me” OR “If they would have given me _____ information, this would be much easier!” Well, since you will be hearing from me A LOT, I thought I would reach out to some of my friends who are also in the influencer industry and get their thoughts!


    My girl, Lauryn Hock, is the founder and creator of Lauryn Cakes. She gave some really good feedback on what she looks for when she get approached by a brand. Take a look!


    “When I get approach by a brand there are a few things that I always look for. When it comes to their email, I look for professional language and lack of spelling/grammar errors. Also, I am all about timely emails (at least two weeks between getting product and campaign date, and that the brand responds quickly). If a brand is wanting me to promote a product, I want to try the product before promoting it. Once we agree to collaborate, I love clear directives for the campaign. Details are key! I’d also like the brand to trust that I will do my job and that I will not need “approvals” on the images I create. There are a few other things, but the main thing I look for is if the request is on brand for my audience!”


    Jackie Welling, from LittleJStyle, said something similar! She said,I look for authenticity! I ask myself, ‘Would I post about this brand or product even if I wasn't being paid a dime?’ If I can answer yes, then it's probably a good match. I also ask myself if they they will value my time, like if they offered reasonable compensation or accepted my proposed price. If they seem to expect too much or might be difficult to work with, it's a no. I've learned that it's not worth my time!”


    Christina MacArthur runs multiple accounts on Instagram. One being an art account, and one being a lifestyle account. She put it simply, “My main thing is if the brand fits my aesthetic. It’s so much easier to post for a brand when I know it will look good on my feed.”


    If you were to ask what I personally look for, it would sound similar to the three influencers above. I really don’t like when brands reach out to me with a product or campaign creative that does not scream “Paige Arminta!” Although it’s fun to get free things, I care about my feed and my followers’ interests more than the product itself.


    It’s simple. Be organized and know your influencer!