We're giving away a years supply of FREE tacos. Seriously.

Join us on Cinco de Mayo at the MVers conference, hosted by Motivosity to learn how to turn LinkedIn into a personal branding multiplier and enter for your chance to win 365 days worth of FREE tacos.

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Join Wooly, Motivosity, and other great industry leaders in beautiful Salt Lake City for the 2020 MVers conference and MOVE forward with innovative thinking around all things people and culture. You’ll learn through in-depth workshops, panels, and networking opportunities led by industry leaders who have reimagined what employee engagement looks like.

For those of you that don't know - MVers is the conference that kicks compliance and boring HR processes to the curb. With you as a key part of the conversation, we'll redefine what employee engagement is really all about. Motivosity has packed the day full of food, content, activities and more that will change how you approach this hot topic. And we promise, you’ll have a ton of fun.

At 12:40 Wooly CEO and Co-Founder, Scott Paul, will be taking the stage -- you wont want to miss this.

LinkedIn is Free While Supplies Last!

With LinkedIn, we all have access to develop and build our personal brand. But with that accessibility, it's becoming harder and harder to stand out amongst the crowd. In this session, Scott Paul (CEO of Wooly and founding father and member of the Utah Snuggle Bunny LinkedIn Group) will give you actionable ways to make the most of LinkedIn before it's too late.

Wooly's New Mascot

Build your personal brand, drive company objectives, and learn from world class professionals with these step-by-step tips and tricks. Oh, did we mention – one lucky attendee will win a year supply of tacos, because, duh, it's Cinco de Mayo and who doesn't love tacos?

You want to come. You know you want to come. Go ahead click that link. We’re waiting for you! Registration is typically $395, but because we're friends, you can get in for FREE. Email frazier@motivosity.com to get your promo code to waive registration.

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