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    Steps to Running an Influencer Campaign

    If you have no idea where to start when it comes to running a social media campaign utilizing influencers, below are six simple steps to get the ball rolling:

    1. Create a strategy

    2. Make a plan

    3. Choose your influencers

    4. Engage

    5. Coordinate

    6. Measure Results


    The very first step is to create campaign goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure its success. This is very important. Why? Because the goals that you set will guide the campaign and help you objectively measure performance.

    Here are some examples:

    • Your goal is to increase social media following. That makes your metric your growth on your social platform

    • Your goal is engagement. Your metric is the engagement you see from followers/consumers during campaign

    • Your goal is brand awareness. Your metric is the reach of the campaign, increase in followers, number of mentions and hashtags, etc.

    • Your goal is to increase sales. Your metric is the increase in numbers of sales, or the amount of sales through a link or coupon code.


    The next step is to figure out which social platforms you would like your campaign to live on. When we think about the different platforms that connect us socially, each one has its own specialty when it comes to content. For example, if you want your Influencers to create a beautiful photo, that photo will most likely get better engagement on Instagram than it would on Twitter.

    1. Know your customers: what they like, where they go, and how to reach them. Browse through your customers, followers, and reports in Wooly to understand who they are.

    2. Choose a platform: do you want your campaign to focus on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest? Keep in mind that you can utilize more than one platform per campaign.

    3. Brainstorm creatives for the campaign that best fit the social platform.


    There are three primary sources of influencers.

    1. Customers

    2. Fans / Followers

    3. Outside influencers

    We find that brands tend to seek big, outside influencers in hopes of a collaboration. Why not utilize your customers who are already using your product? These influencers are already loyal to your brand which means a collaboration would be very authentic. You probably aren’t using your customers because you don’t know how. Well I do! One word: Wooly. Wooly is the only tool available to help you find influencers within your own customer base.



    It’s time to reach out! My biggest suggestion when it comes to engaging, is to be a personable as possible. Influencers get a lot of emails per day. You want them to open yours. Make the subject catchy. In the body, tell them how you found them, why you like them, now is the time to thank them for being a customer. Explain to them the reasoning you’re reaching out.

    Spoiler alert! Give us a few more months, and Wooly will have everything you need to create, engage, and track your influencer campaigns all within the software.



    Once the influencer responds to your initial email/message, it’s time to layout all of the details. Give the customer or influencer as many details as possible. The more details, the less mistakes you’ll encounter down the road. Below are examples of details that you may want to put in your email:

    • goal of the campaign

    • guidelines (tags, hashtags, product placement, etc),

    • compensation or product exchange

    • compliance (FTC)

    • date and time of posts

    • approval process.


    Time to go back and look at your goals. What has changed? If there were links involved, measure which influencer drove the most revenue. If it wasn’t as successful as you wanted it, now is the time to decide what you would do different on your next campaign. Don’t give up!


    Every campaign is going to be different. Some more successful than others. If you fail the first time, don’t give up on influencer marketing. In the end, it will be your greatest investment!


    Here is our last tip: remember that influencers are human. Whether or not the campaign went well, influencers love to hear a “thank you”, for the time and effort that they put into the campaign. A “thank you” can go a long way!