Do you have to tell people your brand is the best or are your customers telling their friends for you?

Are you effectively tracking which customers drive sales?

If your brand cannot answer those two questions, you’ll want to tap into this eCommerce Evolution podcast. Nick Stagge, the CMO at Wooly, and Brett Curry, the CEO of OMG Commerce, talk about how to invest in your relationships with customers. Then, they dive deeper and explain how these efforts provide an incredible ROI. 

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Put Digital Rails Around Word-of-Mouth and Building an Ambassador Program

If you want a quick overview, here’s what you can expect to learn from the podcast:

  • Why should you build an ambassador program?
  • Customers buy with emotion and building a relationship with your customers creates emotional connection.
  • Don’t take your best customers for granted.
  • Not all things can be measured and that shouldn’t stop you.
  • Wooly software helps companies connect Branding and revenue.
  • How GoPro created real relationships with customers and then turned them into members of their marketing team.
  • How Wooly helps brands naturally engage their customers to build deeper relationships
  • Make it easier for your customers to share your brand
  • How Salomon turned their customers into influencers.
  • The pros and cons of paying affiliate commissions.
  • Wooly is building an app that simplifies, incentivizes and tracks word of mouth marketing.
  • Engaging with your customers and providing them easier ways to share the products they love is the future of commerce, AKA customer commerce.

Listen to the podcast Put Digital Rails Around Word-of-Mouth and Building an Ambassador Program