Yes. We specialize in word of mouth marketing. It's our passion and it's core to the foundation of Wooly. But sometimes, we stretch ourselves beyond the scope of word of mouth marketing and talk about other areas of sales / marketing.

Today, Outbound View just launched their video series all about outbound selling and marketing. Listen in as Nick Stagge, Wooly CMO, takes the hot seat as the first guest of #TheViewOnOutbound, video series hosted by James Bawden from Outbound View.

James was an incredible host and we're excited to see how this new video series can help sales professionals across the globe. During this episode, James and Nick dive into the misinterpretations of "personalization", discuss the truths of a cold call, and some of the things the Wooly team is doing to create and provide real value to potential partners.


How do your prospects really feel about the way you reach out to them?

To help shed some light on this vital question (especially in today's world) Nick joined James Bawden in the first episode of "The View on Outbound" powered by OutboundView.

This video series is going to be all about cracking the code on outbound sales - from the point of view of the buyer – not the seller.  James and the Outbound View team want to help sales people develop productive outreach motions by hearing from the people they reach out to every day on things like: How they view all of the cold outreach they receive? What does and doesn't work in cold outreach?

Listen in and be sure to share your thoughts on how sales and marketing professionals can improve their outbound strategies. Big shout out to James and the Outbound View team for hosting this video series! Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss future episodes.