Many brands cold reach out to influencers in hopes of collaborating, but what if you could find influencers among your customers? Or better yet, activate all of your customers as ambassadors regardless of following size? It’s time to leverage your existing customers and turn them into your ambassadors and influencers!

You want to try to detect who is creating conversation and who is actually listening. By using your customers, you already know that they care about your product. Some brands try to find customers with social listening, but they only find the very few that mention their purchase. Instead of stalking people on social media, wouldn’t it be nice to not only know what products influential customers are buying from you, AND their affinity toward your brand, AND their social influence? Drum roll please....Wooly can give you all of that!

Now listen up. Forbes stated,

“Olapic conducted a study that found that 56% of respondents are more likely to purchase products after they’ve seen them featured in a relatable or positive photo from other customers. This is probably why brands like Glossier have succeeded in promoting their brand by turning everyday consumers into valuable brand reps. Glossier is dedicated to creating advocates out of regular people who have interacted with the brand on social media.”

We all need to follow in Glossier’s footsteps and recognize the influence of your “everyday” customers. They are the most genuine and valuable influencers you’ll ever find! With Wooly, we can help you amplify your existing customer easily!