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    An intro to Influencer Marketing

    What is a Social Media Influencer?

    There are so many ways to define what an influencer is. One thing that we may sometimes forget is that Influencers are just normal people. Yes, you heard me right! Normal people.

    A social media influencer is a normal person who’s passion for a topic and ability to share great content have attracted followers with similar interests. Genuine, authentic content resonates with their audiences and helps them grow their following over time. The good news for you is when your brand fits within those passion, it’s win for you and for them.


    Whether an influencer has one thousand or one million followers, they both have a way of persuading their followers by being real and engaging. They can reach people that your brand may not be able to reach, and engage them in ways that an ad never could. This puts them in a powerful position to help move your product!


    If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry, the Wooly team has your back! Future posts will cover the best ways to find influencers (hint: through your customers!) or you can schedule a call with us anytime