Agency Partner Program

Wooly is all about collaborating and sharing great things with others. From influencers and ambassadors to agencies and brands -- everything is better when we work together.

Become an Agency Partner

Agency Benefits

The Wooly Partner Program was designed especially for agencies to offer their clients a unique growth engine with a juicy ROI. Join the Partner Program and get the power of Wooly plus exclusive resources, dedicated support, and industry expertise.

Partner for Growth

As ad efficacy declines, agencies are shifting to sustainable strategies. Influencer and ambassador marketing with Wooly enables rapid expansion for both agencies and clients.

Revenue Sharing

Earn revenue share for the brands you refer or manage. Also, receive affiliate rewards and payments. Use the extra income to offset agency expenses and expand service offerings.

Exclusive Content 

Get privileged access to partner-only material, including content, sales enablement, collateral, templates, and other resources.

Thought Leadership

Some of the first pioneers in influencer marketing run Wooly. Establish your agency's thought leadership and content by collaborating with experts who built the industry.

Win new clients & grow together  

As an agency partner you will help shape our product roadmap and get the inside scoop.

Plus, many more advantages to increase your client base.  

  • Differentiate your agency 
  • Improve client retention 
  • Co-marketing opportunities
  • Increasing revenue share

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Onboarding & Training

From day one, receive partner-specific resources, strategies, and support to assure your agency and clients enjoy long-term success.

Dedicated Help

Dedicated Success Manager to get the most out of the partner program and achieve your growth objectives

Revenue Sharing

Onboarding new clients, implementing new features, and enhancing performance

Sales Enablement

Guidance to help your team sell Wooly to prospective customers

Let's Collab!

Discover how the Wooly Agency Partner Program promotes your agency through community, agency education, thought leadership, and growth.

If you're trying to provide value for clients, save time, conserve resources, or generate new income -- we're ready to partner.