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Brand Ambassador Programs Perfect for Ecommerce

Build engaged communities that ignite marketing and referral sales with real influencers passionate about your brand.

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Wooly brand ambassador program platform and ambassador app
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Your Own Marketing Channel
Powered By People Who Love You

Quickly empower super-users and customers to be loyal influencers and brand ambassadors. Because they love your brand, ambassadors are 11x better at driving traffic and sales than ads and search engines!

Industry Pros
Customers & Fans

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"We work with thousands of athletes around the world. Wooly has really helped us see results, monitor them over time, and see how we can influence them.

It’s very hard to find a platform like Wooly. Frankly, one that gave us the data that we were looking for while also being easy for our teams to use."

Scale Word of Mouth

Connect, activate, and measure genuine relationships while building your marketing community with an all-in-one brand ambassador platform.


Organize your most important relationships into one centralized platform

Rich User Profiles

See sales, social posts, content, purchases, and other details for each person in your community

Social Listening

Easily see who is talking about you and what they are saying


Connect your eCommerce store, social accounts, emails, and applications for a complete picture
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Ambassador App

Engage, inspire, and empower people through your branded portal

Discount Codes & Links

Automatically create and track unique codes and links for each person


Launch campaigns tied to social, content, or sales initiatives

Email & Automation

Automate campaigns, emails, and processes to scale your programs.

Sales Attribution

Automatically track orders and revenue by individual, campaign, and program to understand your ROI.
Referral rewards and payments

Social Analytics

Track posts, reach, and engagement generated by your advocates.


Measure participation, engagement, and activities completed across campaigns.

User Generated Content (UGC)

Collect, organize, and repurpose UGC across your marketing channels.
Learn more about UGC

Why Customers & Followers
Are Your Best Marketers

People are 4 times more likely to buy a product when referred by a friend.
- Nielsen
Of consumers identify word of mouth as a key influencer in purchasing decisions.
- Ogilvy
$6 Trillion
Word of mouth marketing drives $6 trillion or 13% of consumer sales every year.

Team Up With Your Brand Community

Create and scale a team of adoring brand advocates with Wooly's complete ambassador marketing suite.

Recruit & Engage Ambassadors

Quickly find and engage the most effective ambassadors and influencers.

Easily motivate and reward your team of marketers directly from the brand ambassador app.

There's strength in numbers!

Ambassador app
Ambassador app

Amplify Brand Awareness & Reach

Get a seamless suite to run influencer and ambassador programs.

--> Involve ambassadors
--> Invigorate word-of-mouth marketing
--> Track exposure and reach

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and hours of work!

Drive Sales Revenue

People purchase experiences, not products.

Brand ambassadors share experiences. And they do this from a position of credibility and trust. The key --strategies to get influential people talking.

90% of consumers are more likely to trust and buy from a brand recommended by a friend.

Ambassador app
the best brand ambassador platform for contentWooly brand ambassador platform for massive awarenessbrand ambassador software increases referralsbrand ambassador software drives sales and purchases


30x more average reach when customers talk about a brand.


61% of online consumers buy products based on referrals and recommendations.


Word-of-Mouth marketing drives 5x more sales than paid ads.


8x your social engagement with content created and shared by advocates.

Purple Mattress uses the Wooly Ambassador Platform to get user generated content

Leverage User-generated Content

See how leading consumer brands are capitalizing on the trust of user-generated content while at the same time amassing tremendous media value.
Explore Customer Case Studies

Not sure how ambassador marketing works?

Think of us as your very own ambassador marketing encyclopedia.
We're dedicated to an influencer industry flowing with trust and authenticity.

Customers talk about brands they love and Wooly scales that with brand ambassador software

Your Customers are Talking About You

Help your loyal customers feel like a part of your team. Discover brand ambassadors, engage them and reward participation with the brand ambassador program platform.

And best of all, organically sales with word-of-mouth marketing.

Wooly 'How-to' Guide
customer commerce (c-commerce) is the cornerstone of Wooly's brand ambassador program software

c-Commerce in the Wild

Follow our blog for all the latest and greatest in the world of customer selling.

Help your customers become influencers and ambassadors who share about products they adore with the people they love.

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